Kid Snack Recipes

Kid Snack Recipes

Kid snack recipes and easy recipes for kids with a list of healthy snacks Low sugar Low fat ingredients.

Kids learn through doing and teaching your child how to eat

healthy is easier if you allow them to make some foods for

themselves and for their families. Even at a fairly young age

kids can enjoy being creative in the kitchen and they often

enjoy food more if they prepare it themselves. Desserts are

always of interest to children and their first attempts at food

preparation is often in preparing a family dessert. However,

finding easy recipes for kids that are also low in fat is not

always an easy task. However, there are such recipes available

if you spend the time to look. Parfaits are often a good first

dessert for kids to make. They are simple, look elegant when

complete, and will give your child a sense of accomplishment

that will encourage him to spend more time in the kitchen.

Here is a parfait recipe that your child can make that looks and

tastes great and is an easy kid snack recipe for kids.

Strawberry yogurt Parfait Low Fat Low Sugar

1 Package of low fat graham crackers

1 pound of strawberries slice (leave 4 strawberries whole)

1 large container of low fat vanilla yogurt

What You Will Need:

1 large plastic zip lock bag

rolling pin

4 dessert or parfait cups

1 large spoon to spoon yogurt into the cups


Low Fat Low Sugar Ingredients:

Take graham crackers from package and place them into the large

zip lock bag. Seal the bags top. Lay bag flat on counter and

using the rolling pin crush the graham crackers fine.

Set the four parfait cups in a line and place graham crackers

into the bottom of each, just enough to cover the bottom. Next,

spoon some low fat yogurt over the graham crackers filling the

cup about ¼ full. On top of the yogurt, lay slices of

strawberries to cover the yogurt.

Place more yogurt on top of the strawberries and then another

layer of strawberries. Then add one more layer of yogurt,

sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs and top with whole


Refrigerate your dessert until dinner time and then serve.

Serves 4

If you prefer, you can have raspberries, blackberries, blue

berries or some other fruit in place of the strawberrie. They

all taste great and will make beautiful desserts. You can even

use canned cherry or other pie fillings if you prefer.

This easy kid snack recipe has many variations and is great

for kids to make. This is low fat and healthy while tasting great.

Both kids and adults like the way this dessert looks and tastes

and it is easy to increase the recipe for larger groups. There

are many other beginning recipes that kids will enjoy trying so

go ahead and explore. Who knows you may have a budding chef on

your hands.


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