Kid Friendly Recipes

Kid Friendly Recipes

Tasty kid friendly recipes and delicious cherry french toast.

If you are a parent, you know how difficult it can be to get

your child to eat healthy. Let's face it, kids want foods that

are fun and taste good and could care less about foods that are

good for them. Therefore,it isn't an easy task to find kid

friendly foods that are low fat and healthy. However, it is not

impossible and the truth is if the food is displayed in an

interesting fashion, the more appealing it will be to your child.

Preparing attractive kid friendly foods does not have to be time

consuming. In fact, there are plenty of quick and easy low fat

foods you can prepare in no time at all that your kids will

love. There are a variety of different types of foods you can

choose from that are simple to prepare and great tasting. To

start you off, here is a great breakfast idea that kids love and

is simple to make while being healthy for the entire family.

Kid friendly recipes: Cherry French Toast

French toast is a favorite of most kids and instead of using

syrup this recipe calls for using canned cherry pie filling to

give your child the fruit they need and the sweetness they crave.


4 slices whole wheat bread per serving

6 eggs beaten with 3 Tablespoon low fat milk

1 can of cherry pie filling


Spray frying pan or grill with non-stick cooking spray.Dip bread

into egg mixture covering both sides

Place in hot frying pan or hot grill. Cook until down side is

cooked half way through and slightly crisp, turn and cook other


Place on plate and cover with cherry pie filling.If desired you

may heat pie filling slightly to keep warm or serve at room


Note: You may also want to try making this recipe with blue

berry or apple pie filling as well. You can also top with a

squirt of low fat whipped topping if desired.

Kids love this breakfast because it is more like dessert than

something that is good for them. However, it is healthy as well

as containing many of the food groups that are part of the

daily recommendation for healthy eating.

Keep in mind that there are many other kid friendly recipes that

can be found as well. Check out a variety of cookbooks to find

more breakfast recipes as well as some great foods kids will

love for lunch and dinner as well. Feeding your child healthy

meals is a simple matter of presenting the food in a way that

appeals to both their eyes and their taste buds. It may take a

little research but in the long run it is worth it when you see

your child eating healthy and enjoying it.


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