Jello Dessert Recipe

Jello Dessert Recipe

Delightful jello dessert recipe for kids party food and low fat low sugar snack.

Many a hostess has planned the perfect dinner only to be left in

a quandary about what kind of dessert to serve. In most cases,a

light dessert is best as most guests and even family members

have filled up on the delightful meal you have served. Jello is

the perfect light dessert to make and there are literally

hundreds upon hundreds of jello desserts recipes that run the

gambit from simple and plain to elegant and intricate.

Surprisingly jello, once a standby in most home kitchens lost

much of its popularity to more heavy and fattening desserts.

Today, with more and more people becoming health conscious once

more, Jello is regaining popularity because it is light, semi

low in calories and contains little or no fat.

However, many people are still a little reluctant to make

desserts using Jello simply because these desserts are so simple

and easy to make. What they don't realize is that sometimes the

easiest desserts are the most elegant and the most refreshing

and are often the most well received. But, like the old saying

goes, "Seeing is believing." Therefore, here is a simple yet

elegant dessert for you to try so you can see for yourself that

that old advertisement is true. There is always room for a Jello

dessert recipe.

Creamy Lime Jello

While this dessert can be made with any kind of Jello, lime

flavored Jello will add a cool and refreshing finish to your

meal. If you want a more colorful dessert try using orange or

lemon Jello instead as the citrus flavors seem to be somewhat

more refreshing.

Low Fat Low Sugar Ingredients:

1 ½ cups boiling water

1 package (4 serving) lime Jello

1 lime

8 ounces of low fat or fat free frozen whipped topping.

Low Fat Low Sugar Ingredients:


In a mixing bowl dissolve Jello into the boiling water and stir

in 6 ounces of low fat whipped topping until completely

dissolved. Pour into glass dessert cups and refrigerator 6 hours

or more until completely set up.

After dinner, before serving the dessert add a dollop of the

remaining whipped topping to the center of each dessert cup.

Take the lime and cut two slices, cut each slice in half and

then cut a slit in each half slice of lemon and use to garnish

the dessert cup. Serve.

Makes 4 servings.

Note: make sure the garnish matches the flavor of Jello you use.

For instance if you choose to use strawberry Jello rather than

lime then place a fresh strawberry on top of the dollop of whip

cream. If using orange Jello then garnish with a half of an

orange slice.

Chances are your guests or family will love this dessert and if

they do, there are plenty more recipes like this one that you

can try. Chances are your family will feel like kings when you

serve them this jello dessert recipe!


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