It takes a lot of patience, compromise and time for a relationship

by Heather

It takes a lot of patience, compromise and time for a relationship to be healthy and strong , let it be a long distance or short distance relation. Every individual has got different notions about being in a relation and it is never easy to work out a relation successfully with someone's advice rather that depth in love and affection should come from within the couples who are in a relation. Saying that, there are some simple yet effective tips which could help couples to gel together in a great way. The first and the foremost thing is how you communicate with your partner. Flaws in effective communication between partners is the root cause of breakup in most relationships. Initially, when a relation starts either of the partners communicate well and truly but as time passes by this communication channel tends to decrease somewhat as they start to feel more comfortable with each other. As a result, interest levels begins to drop down and eventually the relation comes to an abrupt end. You shouldn't let this to happen. Make time to sit down and talk with your partner of all your day to day activities and the things that happened. This makes her feel she's so important to you and would eventually love to spent enough time with you. Communicating regularly also plays a part in holding the interest levels high on the common goals you and your partner have set. You could discuss with your partner the means or ways by which you could accomplish the goals. Yet another means to maintain a healthy relation with your partner is to manage arguments. Arguments in a relation are never an abnormal thing and are bound to happen since each individual has varying opinions towards things. The fact of the matter is how you manage it. There is nothing better than apologizing to your partner or accepting your mistake. Most people find it difficult to apologize their mistake as they feel it's a way of giving up. This creates an air of uncomfortable among the couples. But if you are willing to accept your mistake and apologize to your partner, it will immensely help in ending the argument. Just make him/her realize that you want the relation to run smooth and you respect his/her opinion rather than fighting with each other. This makes your partner feel so comfortable while spending time with you since he/she is well aware that you don't enjoy getting into arguments. It's always vital in a relationship to show respect to your partner and to be affectionate to him/her to the core. Respect and affection are the basic attributes along with some others for a relation to sustain for long. Showing respect to your partner could really make him/her feel good. For this to happen one should give ears and pay full attention to what their partner has to say. This makes them feel that you care about what they have to say. Honesty is yet another factor that plays a major role in acquiring the respect of your partner. Be honest in whatever you do or tell to him/her. Once your partner feels that your words and deeds are true and sincere, the level of respect he/she has got for you climbs up and eventually trust and healthier bond builds. Similarly, being affectionate to your partner is also crucial. It's hard for a relation to survive if there is no affection.

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