Iron Your Stress Away!

by Patty McCoy
(Fort Myers)

Call me crazy, but I love to iron! Ask those of us who do and we will tell you that ironing is therapy. Free. When I ask my customers if they like to iron, there are usually two answers: I hate to iron and I don't even own one -OR- I love to iron, it gives me time to reflect and slow down. There is also something calming about making something really nice and crisp and wrinkle free.

So, It's a good thing that I love to iron because my business is linens. New and vintage household linens, tablecloths, quilts, sheets, dresser scarves, you get the idea. Stop in and we can talk about ironing- I have an ironing board set up all the time and (I also sell wonderful products for clothing and linen care.)

Find me in the River District, Downtown Fort Myers. Linen Cottage 2439 First Street. 239-225-9566
See You Soon,

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