Learn how to develop your gift of intuition in order to overcome

anxiety, stress and depression.

We all are born with an amazing power that we call intuition.

This powerful gift is also part of what we refer to as


Human beings have certain instincts that we use in order to meet

our challenges in life.

As new born babes we are gifted with the instinct to survive.

As infants we cry and reach out for our mothers.

When we wet our diapers and become irritated we cry out for


We are born with instincts and or intuition that cause us to

bond with our

mothers for protection and nourishment.

Mothers also have similar instincts that cause them to bond and

nourish their infants.

Human beings possess many natural gifts that enable them to

adapt to challenges in life in order to survive.

We also have natural instincts that give us the incentive to

have sex and reproduce in order to have children.

As we start to grow up we also learn that we have to control our

natural instincts.

We are taught not to go around having sex and producing babies

at any given urge with anybody and everyone that comes along.

We are also taught to either control or otherwise suppress other

types of instincts that seem to pop into our minds without any

conscious effort.

Perhaps a thought or a creative idea comes instinctively to us.

We may say "Hey, I have this exciting idea"!

We may be met with negative responses from our peers such as:

"Don't be silly"

"That's crazy"

"How did you come up with that"

"Don't be ridiculous"

Unfortunately from an early age our peers cause us to thwart or

suppress some of our most creative instincts.

This text is designed to help you regain and further enhance

your natural gifts and creative instincts.

Perhaps your most powerful gift is what we call thinking.

Thinking is the process whereby we use words silently to our

selves in order to self create our thoughts.

Anxiety,Stress,and Depression


Anxiety, stress and depression are self created inside our minds

by our thinking process.

In other words we use our thought process in order to deal with

the various challenges and conflicts that we face in our daily


As we face these challenges we also develop certain patterns in

our thinking process.

As we react to conflicts or problems our thinking process may

become filled with stress or depression.

These thoughts, however, are self created inside our minds by

those words that we have chosen to create our thinking.

Stress or depression is self created by the manner in which we

choose to mentally dwell upon certain issues or problems.

What you think about and the way in which you choose to think

about these issues also self creates your mental awareness.

Consider this.

If you face a problem and then you permit yourself to constantly

dwell upon the bad, mad, sad and negative issues then surely

your mental attitude will become just like your thoughts.

What you say to yourself while you are thinking soon becomes the

essence of your life.

If you permit yourself to constantly dwell upon bad, mad, sad,

negative thoughts then likely you will stress or depress your


What you say to yourself while thinking and especially what you

keep saying over and over soon becomes how you are and how you


Constantly permitting yourself to keep on and on thinking

stressful or depressing thoughts will surely self create stress

or depression.

We become what we think about:


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