New, amazing break through that allows you to use your


to overcome stress and depression. One of our most powerful and

amazing gifts is our power of self creativity.

This gift is also our ability to self create ideas and images and


All inventions first started out as an imaginary idea, thought

or image.

Google, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, the computer, the telephone,

the automobile, the airplane and just about every invention

first started out as an imaginary idea or thought.

We use our creative power of the imagination to self create our

thoughts to mentally perceive images and to learn and understand

reason, purpose and ideas.

The Power Of Imagination


We also use our imaginary gift to self create fantasies and our

moods and feelings.

If we think about going some where for a vacation then we may

use this gift to imagine fun and relaxation.

We self create our moods and feelings by the manner in which we

choose to dwell on these perceptions.

Stress and depression are also self created inside our minds by

the manner in which we choose to consider conflicting or

depressing thoughts.

Fear is one of our basic human emotions that we self create

inside our minds that is stimulated by outside events and


Fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of getting caught, fear of

not paying the bills.

If we choose to think about any of those issues then likely we

will also self create stress and/or depression.

Surely it is both normal and natural to think about the

challenges and problems in our lives.

Up to a point!

However, if we go overboard and permit our minds to constantly

dwell upon negative issues and if we keep on and on self

creating depressing and fearful thoughts then likely we will

also self create stress or depression.

The key to overcoming and then avoiding too much stress or

depression starts with your self commitment to force your mind

to stop this negative mental process.

You can stop!

Bad, stressful job?

Terrible relationship?

Too many bills?

Nagging problems?

Whoa! Stop! Take a break!

Time for a little vacation!

Your bills can wait.

Your job might need to be replaced.

That terrible relationship also needs a vacation from you or a

nice good by?

All these problems also need a vacation.

Good by, see you in the next life!

Both heart attack and stroke are associated with stress or


Is your health at risk?

Why not take a break and get away from it all for a little



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