I lost 220 pounds

by Fred Mcskinney

I remember one day I stepped onto the scale at a friend's house and realized I was 320 pounds. I was in shock and immediately started finding ways to lose weight. I went online and searched for hours and every bit of information I found seemed to be contradicted by the next website I saw. Eventually ended up trying the Atkins diet. I started in January of 2009 and continued on for four months. I ended up quitting after I realized that after that much hard dieting, I had only lost eight pounds. It worked, but only barely and it wasn't nearly enough for me. I went back to searching and eventually resigned myself to the old fashioned way. I found a treadmill on crag's list and plopped it in front of my TV. If I was watching TV, I was on the treadmill at an easy pace. I allowed myself one soda a day, and allowed myself 3 small meals a day. I put away all of my big plates so that my plate couldn't hold as much food and drank a full glass of water as I prepared my meals, even if it was just microwaving a burrito. Every now and again, I would allow myself a day to splurge. To go out and grab a burger or go out for Chinese. If an event occurred that would break my diet, I let myself go but made sure that I just took it down a notch. I made sure that I still got to enjoy the good things, but just decreased the volume. In total, I lost 220 pounds just with lifestyle changes and the treadmill is still in front of my TV.

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