How To Can Tomatoes

How To Can Tomatoes

How to can tomatoes the ez way. is a very basic cooking process that anyone can master. If you would prefer to enjoy the rich flavor of home canned tomatoes then here is a simple guide to help you master this home canning technique.

How To Can Tomatoes:

Kitchen Equipment and Supplies that Will Be Needed

A kitchen stove

Timer or clock

Paper towels or clean kitchen towels

Wooden spoon

Slotted spoon

Kitchen tongs or a jar lifter

Measuring cup

Large stockpot that can accommodate 4 quart sized canning jars

A towel for use at the bottom of the pot to protect the jars

A smaller pot to blanch tomatoes

Container to simmer the lids that will attach to the canning jars

Tea kettle or pot to boil water

4 sterile quart jars with new lids and new rings

Small kitchen paring knife

Lemon juice

Measuring spoons

24-32 Roma Tomatoes


How To Can Tomatoes:

how to can fresh tomatoes at home.

1. Place the towel at the bottom of your large stockpot.

2. The pot that must be deep enough for the canning jars to be submerged and still have at least an inch of water above them with a room allowance for the boiling action of the water.

3. Fill the stockpot with water and heat to boiling

4. Add water to the smaller pot and bring this to a boil

5. Add water to the tea kettle and bring the water to a full boil

6. In the smaller pan add enough water to barely cover the lids and place on low heat. The water in this pan should be kept at a low simmer.


How To Can Tomatoes:

1. As you wait for the water in the blanching pot to reach the boiling point you should remove the center core from each tomato. Use the paring knife to create a small ‘x' at the bottom of each tomato.

2. When the blanching water is at a full boil you should blanch 3-5 tomatoes at a time. This will prevent the water from splashing over and will help maintain a constant boiling temperature.

3. Only blanch for 1 or 2 minutes and remove the tomatoes with a slotted spoon.

4. The outer peels should come off with a little pressure from your hands.

5. You will use 6-8 tomatoes to fill each quart sized canning jar.

6. If you use the large mouthed jars it is easier to place the tomatoes inside the jars.

7. Try not to crush the tomatoes for the best results when canning whole tomatoes.

8. Now add 1 ½-2 tablespoons of lemon juice to each jar, or use the powdered lemon additive that is made specifically for canning purposes.

9. Add boiling water to each jar, but leave 1/2 " of space at the top of the jars.

10. Try to remove all of the air bubbles that are inside the canning jars by breaking them up with the tip of a wooden spoon.

11. Wipe the outside rims of the jars with paper towels or clean kitchen cloths.

12. Now place the lids and rings onto the canning jars, but do not over-tighten the outer rings.

13. With a jar lifter or kitchen tongs you can now place the jars into the hot water of the large stockpot.

14. Place a lid on the pot and adjust heat until the water is once again at a full boil. Continue to boil the jars for 45 minutes.

15. Remove the canning jars from the hot water and set them onto a towel on your counter. As they cool you will hear the popping sounds the lids make as each seal contracts.

16. After the jars have cooled you can remove the outer rings if you prefer. Check the seals with a tap of your finger. The jar lid should be tightly sealed with a slightly concave appearance. You should not be able to flex the seal.


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