Herb Garden Plants

Herb Garden Plants

Fun and easy way for growing herb garden plants.Cooking heart smart low fat foods means finding ways to add a little extra flavor to dishes to make them as tastefully appealing as they are visually appealing. One of the simplest and easiest ways to add that little extra something to your food is by adding fresh herbs to those dishes you are cooking.

However, as most average cooks know the cost of these herbs at your local grocers is often very expensive and the so called "fresh herbs" aren't as fresh or as tasteful as you would hope. For those who enjoy cooking with fresh herbs having your own Herb Garden can help to lower the cost of preparing meals while substantially increasing the flavor and freshness of your ingredients.

Herb Garden Plants:

Growing your own herbs doesn't have to be difficult nor does it require a lot of space and best of all anyone who has a small area of yard or a sunny kitchen window can grow at least a small Herb Garden successfully.

Of course if you have never grown herbs or have never gardened the first thing you should do is learn something about the herbs that you want to grow. Start by making a list of those herbs you use most often in your cooking and then add two or three herbs that you want to try.

Herb Garden Plants:

Then learn what you can about the growing condition that each plant needs to grow healthy and strong. There are numerous articles on the Internet that you can read as well as a variety of books. You might also want to take the time to talk to your local nursery and get their first hand advice on what each individual herb needs as far as sunlight, water, and soil.

Your next step is deciding if your garden will be inside or out and exactly how much space you have to allocate to growing your herbs. While herbs grown outside most often have a better flavor they also require more work and may need to be brought in during the colder months if you live in a climate that gets exceptionally cold or has snow.

On the other hand herbs that are grown inside may not have quite as good of a flavor but, there is no weeding, and they can add a nice smell to your home. Growing herbs inside also lets you enjoy fresh herbs year round.

Those new to growing herbs or Plants may want to start with seedlings rather than seeds as there is a higher success rate with those that have already started growing and you also might want to consider starting with just two or three different herbs the first year as this will allow you to concentrate on each plant and learn as you go.

Then you can add two or three additional herbs to your garden each year until you are growing all the herbs that you want for your meal preparation.

Fresh herbs are a good cooks best friend.


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