Heart Healthy Apple Banana

Heart Healthy Apple Banana

Delightful heart healthy apple banana salad a great lunch treat to help control diabetes and lose weight plus over 100 sugar free low fat recipes.Eating healthy and fat free has many benefits besides helping you to lose or maintain your weight.

Choosing to eat healthy means helping to protect yourself from heart disease, diabetes, a number of other serious health conditions. One of the main reasons why people refuse to eat healthy is because they believe that eating healthy means eating tasteless food, that lacks texture and excitement. This really does not have to be the case.

Many people actually discover they enjoy the taste of their food more when they eat healthier. This is because that learning to cook a different way, substituting great seasonings in place of heavy sauces, and other changes in the way food is prepared allows the great natural taste of the food to shine through.

With everyone eating lighter during the summer months this is a great time to change your old eating habits to more healthy foods and food preparation and this simple, elegant, and delicious heart healthy apple banana salad is a great way to start.

Heart Healthy Apple Banana Salad Low Fat Lunch:


・ 2 small red apples

・ 2 small yellow apples

・ 2 small to medium bananas

・ 1/4 cup coarsely chopped walnuts

・ 1/2 cup Low fat Vanilla yogurt

・ 2 tablespoon unsweetened orange juice


Heart Healthy Apple Banana Salad Low Fat Lunch:

Peel and slice the bananas into a small to medium mixing bowl, add orange juice ensuring that the juice coats all the bananas. (the orange juice keeps the sliced bananas from turning color and makes them taste even sweeter than they normally do.)

Core the apples and dice them into bite size pieces leaving the skins on, place them into a large mixing bowl, pour the bananas and orange juice over them, and then add the walnuts. Mix gently to combine fruit and nuts and then blend in the vanilla yogurt. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

When serving place salad on a lettuce or kale leaf and if you wish sprinkle a few additional chopped walnuts on top and serve. Makes 3 to 4 servings

This wonderful fruity salad makes a great light lunch for those trying to lose weight, just add a piece of grilled fish or chicken or serve as a salad at that family cookout or enjoy as a light sweet cool afternoon snack.


Traditionally this salad is made with real mayonnaise which is loaded with fat and calories. A 1/2 cup of mayo contains about 800 calories compared to the 1/2 cup of lite yogurt that runs between 80 and 120 calories. For those of you who want to eat healthier but, prefer the taste of mayo try combining the mayo and yogurt half and half. This will still give you the mayo taste at 1/2 the calories and the fat.

This is a great recipe to keep on hand because both fresh bananas and apples are fairly easy to get throughout the year allowing you to whip up this salad rather quickly should the need arise.


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