Healthy lunch Ideas

Healthy lunch Ideas

Delicious healthy lunch Ideas for a low fat high protein diet to

lose weight quickly.

Many people are not aware that whole vegetables are an excellent

source of protein.

Just as important vegetables also contain fiber which is

extremely healthy.

Most vegetables are low in fat and many have no fat grams at


It should be noted, however, that your body needs the proper

amount of fat in your diet, but good fat, also known as

unsaturated fats.

By choosing wisely and keeping track of the fat, salt,sodium and

other ingredients you consume, you can eat healthy while

enjoying a delicious assortment of foods.

Perhaps the best healthy lunch idea is to skip the fried foods.

Instead chose lean meats, trimmed of fat or the white meat of

chicken or turkey, devoid of skin, or fish but choose to prepare

them by either baking, broiling, smoking, grilled, or poached.

Do not add salt but instead use one of the many great seasonings

found in the spice section of your local market that do not

contain salt but that do use different ingredients such as onion

and peppers to add flavor.

Avoid processed foods and fast foods as they are usually loaded

with salt, sodium and saturated fats.

Low Fat High Protein Diet

Low Fat High Protein Diet

For breakfast have two poached or boiled eggs with a fruit plate

and/or a protein shake.

Alternate with dry, unsweetened cereal using fruit in place of


Healthy Lunch Idea:

Lunch should consist of a large green salad or vegetable plate.

Try not to use dressings or sauces unless they are low fat and

then use them sparingly, at the most only two tablespoons per


Any meat should be limited to only six ounces per day.

Dinner should be eaten before several hours before your


Broiled or baked fish again forgoing the salt but using a salt

free seasoning mix is an excellent choice and very healthy.

Combining this with a large green salad, some steamed vegetables

and perhaps 2 ounces of pasta will complete your meal leaving

you satisfied and feeling good about your new healthy diet.

For desert, just forget all the pies, cakes, and sugary, fat

laden deserts.

An apple, a pear or a cluster of grapes served with a small

portion of low fat cheese or fat free yogurt will top off your

great dinner without ruining your diet and yet quiet that sweet


A snack of raw carrots or a handful of nuts, particularly

walnuts, in between meals can help you stay on your diet if you

start to feel hungry.

Take a multi purpose vitamin daily and check with your doctor

before starting any new diet plan.

Daily exercise is an absolute must if you want to stay healthy.

This will also help tone your skin as you lose weight helping

avoid the wrinkles that may appear when you get trimmer.

Fat takes up room under the skin so when the fat is not there it

is best to tone the skin to appear more youthful.

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