Healthy Heart Menu

Healthy Heart Menu

Delicious healthy heart menu and a list of healthy foods for a

low fat diet.

If you are trying to eat healthier, low fat foods then here are

some effective tips for a healthy heart.

The first good tip is to start keeping track of the fat,

salt/sodium and cholesterol in the foods that you like. Read

the labels on food packages and keep written notes.

It won't take long before you can remember what foods you

should eat and which should be avoided.

High cholesterol, bad or saturated fats and too much salt and

sodium in your diet can be easily reduced.

The consumption of fried foods, animal fat and the skin on

poultry as well as many processed and fast foods should be kept

at a bare minimum.

Your body does not need saturated fats such as the ones

mentioned previously.

Your body does require a small amount of certain types of

cholesterol, fat and salt but you do not have to make a

conscious effort to introduce these into your healthy heart menu.

They arrive without your help.

Unsaturated fat is found in the white meat of chicken and


Including fish is a healthy meal option.

However these should be prepared by baking, broiling, grilling,

roasted, smoked or poached, almost any preparation is preferable

to frying!

List Of Healthy Foods

List Of Healthy Foods

In addition to the lean white meats listed above, here are some

delicious healthy foods that can be eaten daily.

Healthy Heart Menu


Try a bowl of dry cereal using fruit as a sweetener instead of


Add low fat or skim milk.

A suitable alternative would be a couple of boiled eggs two or

three times a week but skip the addition of salt.

Instead of drinking orange or apple juice, try eating a fresh

orange, an apple or some other whole fruit because then you

reap the benefits of the fiber contained in whole fruit that are

mostly absent in juices.

Fiber is absolutely necessary for a healthy system.


Have a large green salad topped with the white meat of either

chicken or turkey strips.

Use only two tablespoons of a low fat dressing.

Drink green tea with a sugar substitute or honey.

Water is very good for you and you should drink water through

out the day.


Eat a plate of vegetables and a fruit salad.

Occasionally you could spice up your meal with a serving of low

fat cheese or with low fat yogurt.

Just be careful and read the label first.

Some of the yogurts, even the ones with low fat, contain fruit

that is sweetened with high levels of sugar.

If you enjoy meat then by all means include some lean meat,

skinless chicken or turkey or fish in your diet.

Just keep your daily servings of meat to less than 6 ounces per

day but be sure it is not fried.

Use Butter Bud Sprinkles instead of butter or margarine to

season your veggies.

Eat fish several times per week in order to get your omega 3.

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