Growing Herbs From Seeds

Growing Herbs From Seeds

Latest tips on growing herbs from seeds and other herb tips.When cooking there is a certain satisfaction that comes from knowing that you grew some of the food used in the dish you cooked yourself.

While many people don't have the space or the time to grow elaborate vegetable gardens themselves most people can grow at least a few herbs either in a small outside garden plot or even in their kitchen window.

Growing Herbs From Seeds to adult plants not only saves you money at the grocers but, gives most cooks a sense of satisfaction and allows you to enjoy fresh herbs in your dishes any time you want.

Growing Herbs From Seeds:

Where To Buy Your Seeds

It is not difficult to find the seeds for the herbs you want. Most garden centers carry the most common herb seeds and you can purchase them from nurseries or online as well. Make sure you buy packets only containing one kind of herb seed as mixed seeds packets make it difficult for you to tell one plant from another in the early stages and also allows those plants that are more aggressive to have a negative effect on weaker plants or those that are slower growing.

Growing Herbs From Seeds:

Planting Your Herbs

Some people prefer to plant only one or two different types of herbs and choose those that they use the most often. Other gardeners prefer to have a larger herb garden that contain herbs used for cooking, medicine, and for their flowers. Most beginners begin small with just a few plants and add more and more herbs to their gardens each year.

You can plant your herb seeds either inside or out and there are advantages to both. If you start your plants right in the garden where they will be growing you won't have to transplant them later. They will be right where you want them and you can thin them right in the garden.

You can start Growing Herbs From Seeds indoors as well. This will give you a jump on the growing season, which is an advantage in areas where the growing season is extremely short. You can then either continue to grow your herbs inside or transplant out of doors as soon as the threat of frost is over and the ground has warmed up sufficiently.

When it comes to the actual planting of your seeds, you need to follow the directions on the packets. In most cases, the packets give great directions as to the type of soil your plants will need, how much sunlight, the depth the seeds should be planted, and other useful information. If you feel you need additional information then you talk to the professional at your local gardening center, get a book on Growing Herbs, or find articles online that will answer most of your questions.

Once the planting is done, all you need to do is follow the care instructions for each plant, and sit back and watch your herbs grow. Keep in mind that not all your plants may grow especially if you are new to Growing Herbs, but planting a few of each type of herb will increase your overall chances of success.


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