Good Cholesterol Foods

Good Cholesterol Foods

The latest controversy about good cholesterol foods and how to

lower cholesterol naturally by avoiding saturated fats. Part of

the controversy over cholesterol is that there are two

distinctive kinds of cholesterol. Good cholesterol is called HDL

and bad cholesterol is called LDL. Not only do experts agree

that the human body needs the proper amounts of HDL cholesterol

but in fact requires it to stay healthy.There is little

controversy about avoiding bad or LDL cholesterol.Saturated fat

or bad cholesterol comes in fried, greasy foods, loaded with

animal fat and the skin of chicken and turkey. Almost everything

fried or greasy or loaded with saturated fat should be avoided.

Good cholesterol is found in nuts, beans, fruits and

vegetables. Most experts also agree that your body needs the

proper amount of unsaturated, good fat in order to be healthy.

Many of these foods also contain fiber which helps lower the

amount of cholesterol that remain in your blood stream.

How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Once you get the proper guidelines, then lowering bad

cholesterol and saturated fat is easy. In fact, once you get the

hang of it not only can you eat lots of healthy foods but indeed

you can enjoy absolutely delicious meals that are plentiful and

come in a great variety.Perhaps the first good tip is to start

reading the labels on the packages and containers of your

foods.The second tip is to avoid all fried, greasy

preparations.Most fast foods, processed foods and canned foods

are loaded with bad cholesterol as well as saturated fat and

high amounts of sodium and salt.Start eating lots of fresh,

green salads and whole fruits and vegetables.Skip the fruit

juices loaded with sugar and instead eat the whole fruits.Keep

your meat trimmed of fat and no more than six ounces per day.

Nothing fried but instead choose grilled, broiled,

smoked, baked or poached.Drink lots of water and green tea

sweetened with Splenda before, during and after meals.Eat a

handful of nuts daily in order to obtain your omega 3

nutrition.Take an all purpose vitamin daily.

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look and feel good.

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