God and Spirit, for some of you these revelations will come just

in time.

Your higher power is the experience of your inner spirit.

You have been gifted with amazing powers and unlimited


Know this:

You are creator!

In fact you have already made thousands of choices about what

you eat and drink in order to self create both the health and

the shape of your own body.

You have become the essence of all your choices about the food

and drink that you have chosen to consume.

Whatever you choose to consume passes through your body,

however, those foods and drinks leave behind certain little,

tiny particles.

Some of those little particles become fat.

Other little particles become cholesterol.

Not only have you chosen to influence what your body looks like

but you have also self created what you feel like.

We are all constantly evolving and shaping our future and

shaping our bodies and shaping our mental condition by that

magical power that we call choice.

Power Of Choice


Good news!

By the simple flip of that little power switch called choice you

can become healthier, you can become leaner, you can feel

better, look better, think better, make healthier choices, have

more fun, experience greater joy, overcome depression, avoid too

much stress and experience better relationships.

God has gifted to you awesome and limitless powers of self creativity.

Indeed if you strive to have a good, positive and healthy life

style then you will become whatever you choose to self create by

your great powers of choice.

All you need to do is commit to a healthy diet, a good exercise

program and a good mental diet of good, positive thoughts.

Think good thoughts, do good things and say good words to


Be good to yourself!

An old man said this:

"Seek the truth and you will find it. Truth leads you to

wisdom. Once you have found your own personal

wisdom then so too shall you discover all of

earth's treasures and much, much more".


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