Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs Warning huge outbreak of blood sucking pest latest information! The recent infestation of Bed Bugs around the country has made many people more aware of the existence of these little blood sucking pests.

Unfortunately since these insects are so hard to detect their bites on your skin may be the first sign that you have a problem which gives these fast producing little pests plenty of time to infest your home.

If you suspect that those red insect bites you awakened with may be due to these nocturnal insects then the first thing you need to do is make sure that Bed Bugs are really the source of your bites.

One of the best ways of identifying these little creatures is to actually see one which can be extremely difficult. However, since these insects are incapable of flight they need to reach your bed by either crawling up the walls and dropping onto your furniture or gaining access by climbing up the legs.

By moving your bed away from the wall and putting bug catchers around the legs of your bed, you can easily catch these insects when they drop into the cup of the bug catcher. Once you have identified that these insects are indeed the problem then the real work begins.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs:

Search And Destroy

The next step is to search and destroy these insects from their hiding places. The first thing to remember is never to move any furniture or items from the infected area to other areas of your home or you may just be spreading the problem instead of solving it.

Start by washing all bed linens, stuffed, animals, clothes and area rugs in hot water and drying them in a hot dryer. Place these items in sealed plastic bags until they can be washed to keep any insects that are on them from seeking new shelter.

Remove, the mattress and box springs from the bed, and thoroughly steam clean them and then cover them in mattress covers specifically designed to prevent re infestation of these insects.

Using hot water or a powerful steam cleaner completely clean your bed frame, furniture and walls. Make sure to clean the inside of all drawers and turn the furniture upside down to clean under them. Unscrew light switch covers and carefully clean behind them. Steam clean around wall boards and in all cracks and crevices.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs:

Clean the bed leg protector cups you used to identify the Bed Bugs and place them back under the legs. This will help to know if any bugs survived your cleaning and will help prevent them from reaching your sheets and blankets again.

Be alert for any further signs of infestation and repeat the procedure if necessary.

If the problem is too bad for you to resolve for yourself then call an exterminator. Getting Rid of the infestation is not a simple procedure and may take repeated tries as the eggs of these insects may hatch and hidden bugs can live up to a year without feeding on blood.


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