Free Strawberry Recipe

Free Strawberry Recipe

Yummy and healthy free strawberry recipe kid friendly low fat smoothie with kiwi and over 100 sugar free low fat recipes.

Smoothies not only taste good, but they are an excellent way to get your children to consume more of those healthy fruits and vegetables. Of course, since most adults love smoothies as well, smoothies make a great health drink for the entire family.

Or do they? The simple truth is that most smoothies are loaded with sugar, and often contain an abundance of fat as well. So, while smoothies may have a lot of healthy foods in them they also contain unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients as well.

Making low fat sugar free smoothies is a matter of choosing fruits that are naturally sweet and using low fat milk or yogurt. Combining two or three naturally sweet fruits can result in a drink that tastes as good as it looks. This recipe for a Kiwi Strawberry smoothie combines those two fruits and throws in a banana and some sugar free strawberry sugar syrup for a little extra sweetness.

Free Strawberry Recipe Low Fat Sugar Free Kid Friendly:

Kiwi Strawberry Smoothie

This recipe is simple to make and tastes wonderfully fruity. However, you do need to do some simple prep several hours in advance.


・ 1 banana

・ 10 large fresh strawberries

・ 1 Kiwi fruit

・ 1 cup skim milk

・ 2 teaspoons sugar free strawberry syrup

・ 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Free Strawberry Recipe Low Fat Sugar Free Kid Friendly:


Peel and slice bananas, place in a long plastic zip bag laying the pieces flat and freeze. Pour skim milk into ice tray and freeze for several hours or overnight. Once the milk and bananas are frozen then clean the strawberries and cut them in half length ways. Peel and dice kiwi fruit, Place all ingredients into a blender and pulse until smoothie is the thickness you desire. Pour into frosted glasses and enjoy.

This recipe should make 2 5 or 6 ounce smoothies or one 10 to 12 ounce smoothie.


Adding the vanilla to the skim milk gives this smoothie a little more of a vanilla under taste while the strawberry syrup adds a touch of extra strawberry sweetness and flavor. For a thicker and more filling smoothie you can substitute the skim milk and vanilla extract for vanilla yogurt.

You can also add 1 cup of pineapple or orange juice for a more fruit juicy flavor.

Smoothies are a great alternative way to enjoy fresh fruit. They also make a great low calorie substitute for shakes and other extremely high calorie drinks or can substitute for a snack or even in some instances for a light meal. They are an extremely tasty and versatile way to get all the great vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need to remain healthy.

In addition, finding ways to make smoothies without added fat or calories can help you lose weight or help those who need to watch their sugar glucose levels enjoy the occasional sweet treat without sending their blood sugar through the roof.


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