Free Diet Plans

Free Diet Plans

Our free diet plans also include delicious foods that you can

mix and match for your high blood pressure diet.

Before you consider embarking upon any new diet plan you should

have an in depth review with your doctor and go over every

aspect of your entire food and drink menu items.

Your mental and emotional state of mind is just as compelling

for your good health as is a good diet.

High levels of prolonged stress or anxiety and depression are

often associated with high blood pressure and other serious


Our free diet plans are designed to give you a healthy balance

of the proper nutrients and vitamins while having and employing

a good exercise regiment.

Vitamins, and specifically B1 or Thiamin, is used by the body to

help release energy from carbohydrates in the metabolic process.

Vitamin B1 is important for the good health of the nerves and

muscles which include the heart and lungs.

This vitamin also contributes to over coming irritability and

fatigue which is often associated with anxiety and depression.

Your meals should contain appropriate portions of pork, whole

grains, dried beans, seeds, peas, nuts, and sunflower seeds

which are good sources of Vitamin B1.

Vitamin B6, pyridotine, also helps to metabolize fat, build or

repair body tissue and helps release glycogen from the liver and


B6 also helps regulate fluid balances of the body and is

associated with the red cell production necessary for your good


Your free diet plan should include poultry, eggs, nuts, green leafy

vegetables, beans, dried fruit and bananas.

Always use polyunsaturated cooking oils when preparing meals.

Replace your drinks that contain sugar with water.

Drink lots of water!

If you must flavor your water there are many products on the

market that are low in calories and low in sugar.

If these additions help you drink more water then by all means

use them.

Note: You need a limited amount of fat in your diet however keep the foods containing saturated fats to no more than about one third of your entire diet.

High Blood Pressure Diet

High Blood Pressure Diet

You can mix and match as you please as long as you stay within

the suggested limits

The following are taken from excerpts from the American Heart


Lean meats, fish, poultry, beans but limited to six cooked

ounces per day.

Vegetables and fruits 3-6 daily servings.

Breads, cereal, pasta, starchy vegetables limit to 6 servings

per day and use whole grain only with low fat and low salt


One half cup of hot cereal or 1 cup flaked cereal

One half cup cooked rice or pasta or one fourth to one half cup

of starchy vegetables such as beans or potatoes.

One cup of fat free milk or fat free yogurt.


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