Free Compatibility Reports

Free Compatibility Reports

Free compatibility reports are designed to help you establish a better sex life for love and affection.

Our companion site, relationship quizzes, list eighteen

questions designed to help establish the answers to compelling

issues that are critical to having a good and lasting partner.

The following observations are listed in the same order as the

questions that are listed in our relationship quizzes site.

Number one is about listening intently to one another and the

answer reveals if your partner cares about what you have to say.

The second question reveals if both of you really want to stay


The third question is designed to uncover a boring sex life.

The fourth question is about the feelings of affection for one


The fifth questions reveals the level of respect for the others


Number six forces you to consider if you are both heading in the

same direction.

The seventh question requires you to decide if you are still in


Question number eight is critical to a long term commitment.

Number nine is the fundamental issue with respect to


The tenth question reveals the level of caring and sharing.

Number eleven points you to the level of affection or lack there


The answer to number twelve if it is "no" reveals that it is

time to say good-by for good.

Number thirteen helps determine if you need to change the topics

of your conversations.

Number fourteen reveals the level of both commitment and support.

Numbers fifteen and sixteen helps you to decide if you both want

to keep on, keeping on.

The answer to number seventeen should take you back to our home


If the answer to number eighteen is "yes" then you need to seek

professional counseling immediately.

Go to Relationship Quizzes....



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