Five "steps" to have the relationship you want

by Simone
(Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Simone's_Relationship Advice

Simone's_Relationship Advice

Have the relationship you want starting today! Avoid critical situations and learn how to maintain the love, harmony and peace in your relationship.

Here are 8 steps that will help you to have the relationship you want.

1. Be yourself
In relationships you must adjust yourself now and then but when it comes to big changes, be honest with your partner, with yourself and the possible consequences.

2. Communication is the key
By communication your emotions will become the emotions of your partner and you will gain in this way a feeling of intimacy, security and harmony in your relationship.

3. Don?t ignore the differences
When you discover there are differences between you two listen to each other and see if there is something that you can compromise or change.

4. Find common activities
Find a common hobby and develop it together. It will become your common passion, your quality time, away from routine and daily problems.

5. Maintain a good relationship with each others family
Even if you are not a fan of the family of your partner, try at least to be polite and get along with everyone and expect the same thing in return.

Simone :) from Your Personal Relationship Advice

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