Fitness Games

by Shasha Sohou

I have made several attempts at losing weight and some have been successful. My biggest problem is that I have trouble sticking with anything for too long. One particular diet that I did try was the Weight Watchers diet. They don’t actually refer to it as a diet but rather as a life change. The trouble I had with this diet is trying to keep track of all the points that make up everything you eat and then having to record those points. I will have to admit that the website is very handy and does provide a lot of resources and support. I may look into it again in the future. I have never really taken supplements as I do think they seem all that effective. The most successful time I had in losing weight was when I used Tao Bo tapes. Billy Blanks is the fitness instructor who designed this intensive workout and it does work. I lost probably 10 to 15 pounds when I tried this. I bought his new DVD s but have not found the time to motivate myself to use them. Other things I have tried include fitness games for my Wii. I also went through a period when I ate a lot of foods that are considered negative calorie foods such as cabbage, carrots and other vegetables and fruits. I lost probably 10 pounds or more at that time. I have also learned that drinking a lot of soda puts on extra pounds and when I cut down on this before, I lost five pounds. The newest thing I am looking into is the Brazilian Butt Lift. This fitness program seems to really work based on the testimonials I have seen.

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