First Signs Of Diabetes

First Signs Of Diabetes

It's very important not to ignore the first signs of diabetes.Do you know that the First Signs of high blood sugar could be so mild and seemingly insignificant that you may not realize you have diabetes?

The level of circulating blood glucose fluctuates according to multiple factors including the time of day it is, what you have eaten, how much you have exercised and your overall physical condition. Eat more food with low sugar ingredients.

First Signs Of Diabetes:

Some of the earliest signs of this disease include complaints such as extreme thirst, nausea, weight loss, lack of energy and frequent urination. These symptoms could also be associated with other health problems. In fact you could even experience one or more of these symptoms and not have any major medical condition at all.

If you have noticed that you are experiencing one or more of these complaints then it is best to be checked by a physician to rule out the possibility of Type 2 diabetes. A simple blood test is all that is needed for you to find out whether you have diabetes, or if you at risk for developing this disease.

The thirst is due to dehydration caused by insufficient levels of glucose in your bloodstream. The body will try to dilute the high sugar content by removing any available water from your tissues and cells.

As the water shifts into your bloodstream it creates additional urine and this is why so many people with undetected diabetes have urinary frequency. This urine is generally going to be pale yellow or very clear because it has been so diluted by the kidneys.

Many adults are now at risk for developing adult onset diabetes which is also referred to as Type 2 diabetes. Those individuals with a family history of this disease are at a higher risk, but obesity and sedentary lifestyles are also contributing factors that predispose you to developing problems with your blood glucose levels.

While insulin shots and oral medications are frequently prescribed to treat the signs and symptoms Of Diabetes it is possible to change your lifestyle and control this disease without requiring any injections or pills. A low-fat diet is one of the best weapons to fight back against the First Signs Of Diabetes.

In addition to low-fat foods you should pay careful attention to the carbohydrates that you are including in your snacks and meals. Simple carbohydrates and high-fat, high-sugar foods create dangerous spikes in your glucose levels. This means that your pancreas has to work hard to try and keep the situation under control. The pancreas secretes insulin which removes the excess sugar from your bloodstream. Strive for low sugar food.

First Signs Of Diabetes:

With Type 2 diabetes your pancreas may be overwhelmed and unable to produce enough insulin to keep up with the demand. Individuals with this type of health problem have also built up a form of ‘insulin resistance' which keeps the secreted insulin from functioning in an efficient manner.

The best preventive techniques against the First Signs Of Diabetes include daily exercise and a healthy, low-fat diet. You should also try to keep your stress levels as low as possible and maintain a normal body weight. Lose that excess weight now if you want to keep diabetic conditions from becoming an unwelcome companion in your future.

Low fat recipes today have made it possible for home cooks to create delicious dishes that are tasty and satisfying. In most instances you will not be able to tell that the recipe consists of only healthy, low-fat and low sugar ingredients.


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