Fat Burning Strawberry

Fat Burning Strawberry

Variations on fat burning strawberry recipes That are low in sugar,low fat,low calories and over 100 sugar free low fat recipes.

Fat burning foods are foods that help increase metabolism and burn calories. Finding low calorie foods that help to burn calories combined with an overall healthy diet and exercise program can increase your weight loss and make you feel healthier and more self confident.

While most people know that hot peppers can burn fat, few people are aware that there are also a number of fruits that have fat burning capabilities. The strawberry is one such fruit. It is lower in sugar than most other fruits and high in fiber. Most of all, strawberries contain vitamin C which boosts metabolism and the PH balance of these berries enhance the acidic environment of digestive tract and help you burn calories.

While eating 3 or 4 strawberries as a snack can help you to lose weight, finding some great strawberry recipes that will allow you to enjoy this fat burning fruit more often can help you succeed at reaching your weight loss goals.

Fat Burning Strawberry:

Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie Low Fat Low Calories:

Smoothies are great for those people who are trying to lose weight. They are a great low fat way to enjoy a treat, add protein and fruit to your daily diet and keep your caloric intake low. Here is a simple recipe that tastes great, is low in sugar and fat and is extremely healthy.


・ 4 ounce container of low fat strawberry yogurt

・ 6 large strawberries cleaned and hulled

・ 1/2 Kiwi peeled and cut into slices

・ 1/2 cup of low fat milk frozen into ice cube trays


Fat Burning Strawberry:

Place all the ingredients into a blender and blend to the consistency you want. Place into a frosted glass and enjoy.

Variations on Strawberry Smoothies Low Fat Low Calories:

There are a number of different smoothie recipes that you can make using strawberries simply by changing the companion fruit you use in your smoothie. Here are some other fruits that you can try combined with those strawberries.

・ Pineapple or unsweetened pineapple juice

・ Unsweetened orange juice

・ Bananas

・ grapes (peel grapes before using)

・ Apple juice

When using fruit juices you can thicken smoothies by using frozen juice concentrate instead of juice. Experiment by combining other fruits with strawberries will help you discover which flavors you like best. You can also try mixing three or more fruits together as well.

Finding ways to include more fruits that help to burn calories in your diet will help you to keep up with your weight loss goals while being able to enjoy tasty treats or enjoying a delicious and healthy liquid breakfast or lunch.

You can also find recipes that include strawberries in low calorie desserts and even salads, so start collecting some good tasting and healthy strawberry recipes today.


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