Famous French Desserts

French Desserts

Low fat famous french desserts recipe with pears and toasted walnuts.If you are looking for a true French dessert that is low in fat you couldn't find a better French recipe than this one. While this recipe calls for pears and walnuts the French actually make this dessert with a number of different fruits such as peaches or apples and nuts as well.

If after trying this recipe you want to do a little experimenting of your own then feel free as some of the most Famous dessert recipes the French have come up with have been due to a lot of experimentation.



4 ripe pears


¼ cup more or less of halved walnuts


¾ cup sweet white wine


3 drops of vanilla extract


½ cup brown sugar


1 ½ cups water

Famous French Desserts


In a large sauce pan combine wine, vanilla, brown sugar and water. Bring to a boil and stir until the brown sugar is completely dissolved, lower heat to simmer. Peel the pears and put in the sauce pan with the sauce and again bring to boil. Once again lower the heat to simmer and cook the pears until they turn tender turning them periodically.

Once the pears are tender, place in large wine glasses or dessert dishes and refrigerate. Also refrigerate the sauce for at least an hour. Toast the walnut halves. When ready to serve spoon cold sauce over the pears and sprinkle with walnuts and serve.


To add a little extra flavor you can use lemon rind when making the sauce and then remove the rind before refrigerating.

If you wish to use several fruits try using peaches, apples and pears all together, slicing them in quarters and then put some of each fruit into each dessert cup. You might also want to mix walnuts and almonds or even pistachio nuts for a slightly different taste.

This is really an extremely elegant looking dessert and it tastes heavenly. And it is really the simple elegance that French cuisine is known for.

Keep in mind that fruit desserts for the most part are naturally lower in fats and the fats that are contained in this French dessert are in the nuts and are considered good fats that help to raise your good cholesterol levels and are therefore actually good for your heart.


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