Easy Cupcake Recipe

Easy Cupcake Recipe

Easy cupcake recipe with delicious low fat sugar free Ingredients and strawberry flavor's and more.Let's face it there are many of us who like serving our families great desserts but, really hate spending the time in the kitchen it takes to prepare most of them and then cleaning up after the baking.

To make matters even worse, for those of us who have just started a low fat heart healthy diet trying to figure out what ingredient to substitute for what ingredient can be mind boggling especially, for those who have little or no baking experience at all. So here is an Easy Cupcake recipe that is bound to make life easier, and still result in a perfectly tasty low fat dessert.

It takes only two ingredients, mixes in minutes and takes less than a ½ hour to cook. Unbelievable right?

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Do

This particular recipe came from someone who was a long time employee at McDonalds. It seems that they use soda pop (7-up) in their pancakes to make them light and fluffy. So one day, this employee decided if it worked for pancakes it should work for cakes too and after a little trial and error she made some great tasting white cupcakes using 7-up and a cake mix from the store.

Later on I discovered that Weight watchers had the same idea only they advised using diet soda and did not simply stick to 7-up but, used a variety of flavors depending on the flavor you wanted to make. So, now that you know a little of the history behind this recipe let's get right to it.

Easy Low Fat Cupcake recipe


1- standard box of cake mix

1-12 ounce soda pop


In Mixing bowl mix together the cake mix and soda pop, pour into baking cups, and bake according to directions on the cake box.

Allow to cook completely and top with a low fat whipped topping or frosting. It really is that simple.

For those who are wondering what kind of soda pop to use with different flavored cake mixes here are a few ideas.

White cake mixes- try sodas such as sprite, 7-up, Mountain dew, or even orange.

Chocolate Cake Mixes- You can try cherry or strawberry flavored soda pop, root beer, 7- up, orange, or even a lemon flavored soda.

Lemon cake mixes- Try Mountain Dew, or Orange soda pops for a more citrus flavor.

Note: You can use sugar free or regular soda pop in this Easy Cupcake recipe. Either will work. For those who need to eat limited amounts of sugar then using diet pop is a must. However, unless you need to completely cut out sugar for health reasons you should be aware that many people have reactions to artificial sweeteners especially children. So, if at all possible try to use the regular soda pop even though it adds more sugar and calories especially if you will be serving some of this desert to children.

This really is an amazing simple dessert to make and it comes out extremely moist and light which makes it a wonderful dessert to eat topped with fresh fruit for a healthy and satisfying dessert.


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