Easy Breakfast Recipes

Easy Breakfast Recipes

Easy breakfast recipes and low fat low sugar high protein diet with foods that lower blood pressure.

Start your day with good, healthy, nutritious foods that are

included in our low fat, high protein diet plans:

Two boiled eggs and a small bowl of fruit is a healthy way to

start your day. Two boiled eggs contain about 120 calories, only

about 7 grams of fat and zero carbs.Alternate some days with dry

cereals and skim milk.Use fruit instead of sugar for sweetener.

There are lots of low fat cereals but you will need to read the

labels to find the lower carb cereals and to obtain each one's

nutritional values.Arrowhead Mills offer several tasty cereal

choices including Puffed Corn, Kamut Millet, Rice and Wheat.

These all have about 50-60 calories per 1/2 ounce with little or

no fat grams and only about 10-12 carbs per serving.There are

lots more and all you have to do is start reading the labels on

the food packages.

Replace your liquids with water and green tea with Splenda.You

should drink lots of water before, during and after meals.

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

These foods are those not fried and do not have greasy, fatty

content such as animal fat or skin. Keep your meat intake to

less than 6 ounces per day and only lean meats, baked, broiled,

grilled, smoked or poached.Eat the white meat of chicken turkey

and fish prepared as suggested above.Avoid processed and canned

foods loaded with salt and sodium. Again, read the food labels.

Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fresh fruit several times a

day.Not only will this provide you with good nutrition but also

fiber which is highly recommended for those trying to lower

blood pressure.Eat more beans such as black, red or pinto

beans.Also soybean products, protein shakes and a handful of

nuts daily.Walnuts are especially nutritious.Don't get off the

track with all the hype about low fat verses low carb diets.

Your body needs both fat and carbs to keep you healthy but it

should be in the form of good, unsaturated fat and the carbs

listed above.For more easy breakfast recipes and low fat diet

plans, search this site.We have over fifty different tips to

keep both your body and your mind healthy.


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