Diabetic Coma Symptoms

Diabetic Coma Symptoms

Important information about diabetic coma symptoms and blood sugar levels that you should know about.These days with modern glucose testing devices and close monitoring of diet it is rare for diabetics to go into a coma. However, there are situations where a Diabetic Coma can occur and knowing the Symptoms leading up to a coma and what to do in a case of an emergency can save lives.

A Diabetic Coma can occur if blood sugar levels get too high or two low. The Symptoms leading up to the coma are slightly different so you need to be aware of which set of signs are caused by a drop in sugar levels and which are caused by a rise in sugar levels so you act immediately before a coma results

Diabetic Coma Symptoms-Signs of Low Blood Sugar:

Hypoglycemia is the term used for diabetics whose sugar levels drop too low. Noticeable signs that this has occurred includes:



profuse sweating


feelings of hunger


acting unusually hostile or aggressive

mental confusion

Hypoglycemia can occur if a diabetic took too much insulin, over exercised, skipped a meal or a snack, or consumed a larger quantity of alcohol. If the Symptoms are mild then take a glucose test to verify the cause and if glucose levels are indeed low then take a glucose tablet or something similar to raise the blood sugar. If the signs are high then immediately call 911 and get the person medical treatment as quickly as possible.

Diabetic Coma Symptoms-Signs Of High Blood Sugar:

Hyperglycemia is the term used for high blood sugar and noticeable signs of this condition include:

increased thirst

increased urination


nausea and vomiting

shortness of breath

fast heartbeat

When the signs of hyperglycemia are caught early and verified by a glucose test then taking your prescribed diabetes medication and changing your eating habits may be all that is needed to bring your blood sugar levels back down. However, if the signs seem advanced then again calling 911 as quickly as possible it may head off a coma.

Most people who have had diabetes for awhile have learned how to monitor and control their condition. They know the necessity of taking random blood sugar levels, eating the right foods at the right time of the day and being alert to changes that signal either high or low glucose levels is paramount to staying healthy and become quite adept at doing so.

The most danger of coma lies with those people who have just been diagnosed with diabetes and are struggling to learn to control their condition and those who have diabetes but, don't know it.

Therefore, it is important to be checked for this condition during routine doctors examinations and if diagnosed then seek the help you need to learn how to control your diabetes as quickly as possible. Ignoring this condition will not make it go away but, taking steps to keep it under control may well allow you to live a long and productive life.


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