Depression Warning Signs

Depression Warning Signs

New discoveries about depression warning signs, anxiety self help

and mood disorders.

Depression and anxiety are described as mood disorders.

Mood Disorders are generally associated with individuals who are

experiencing overwhelming bouts of anxiety or depression.

Sometimes people will experience a bout of overwhelming anxiety

or stress then followed by a bout of depression.

Depression invariably starts as feelings of wanting to withdraw

from others.

Lack of motivation, lack of inspiration and/or overwhelming

feelings of despair at being down i.e. depressed.

The good news is there is several techniques that can be used to

overcome both depression and anxiety.

One of the first compelling issues is to focus on the way in

which you think about all of the problems and challenges in your

life. Depression warning signs are important.

Do not believe every negative thought that pops into your head.

Some of your thoughts may be exaggerated, partially true or even

completely irrational.

Anxiety Self Help

Make a personal commitment to yourself not to exaggerate your

negative thoughts.

Even if your thoughts are completely true, negative thinking

will only make things worse.

Sooner or later we all become what we think about.

What consumes our thoughts will consume our lives.

We self create our moods by those silent conversations we hold

with ourselves.

Anxiety self help starts by using the same techniques as those

associated with overcoming depression.

Start a personal dialogue with yourself.

Force your mind to seek out the positive and good things that

your heart feels you need to do.

As soon as a bad, mad, sad, negative thought pops into your

mind, say "Whoa! Stop! No more negative thoughts!"

It is also absolutely essential to eat healthy foods and

maintain a regular exercise program. Your brain is effected by

your diet.

Lack of exercise deprives both your brain and your heart of

vital oxygen that maintains a healthy body.

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