Depression Symptoms

Anxiety And Depression

Depression symptoms are overwhelming feelings of being down and


Often these feelings are accompanied by feelings of emptiness,

loss of motivation and/or loss of trying to accomplish good

things in life.

The mind can become fixated upon the sad, bad, negative aspects

that keep getting more depressing.

It is important to understand that depression symptoms can

become a form of dependency and without fully realizing it, one

can become "hooked" or dependent upon symptoms of depression.

Feelings of emptiness are both negative and false signals.

False because your mind is never empty.

Negative because these empty feelings are causing you to have

negative results with your life.

Remember that your thoughts are real things and your thoughts

are just as real as your feelings are real.

Indeed your thoughts are not only real things but your thoughts

are also the most compelling reality of your entire life.

What you think and especially what you think about over and over

then becomes the reality of your entire life.

What you think about controls or influences your conscious


Your behavior is the sum total of all that you choose to do, how

that you choose to be and is also what you choose to say.

Be - Do - Say is the essence of your conscious behavior and your

thoughts then self create your YOU.

What you think about constantly becomes what you are and how

that you go through life.

Good thoughts self creates good behavior and good results.

Bad, negative thoughts self create bad behavior and bad,

negative results.

Think of yourself as being three separate entities.

The first entity of self is your physical entity or body.

Your second entity of self is your mental entity or mind.

Your third entity of self is your spiritual entity or soul.

Thus you are the three entities of body, mind, and soul.

These three entities are either connected together in harmony or

otherwise they are disconnected in disharmony.

Depression symptoms over long periods are unnatural and

therefore unhealthy because your mind is in conflict with both

your body and your soul.

In effect you are out of sync because you are experiencing

unhealthy conflicts within your three entities of body, mind and


Symptoms of depression are your warning signs that your thinking

process is causing you Negative feelings that are likely

associated with your normal emotional responses of love, hate,

fear, greed, pride, sorrow or lust.

Remember that all human babies are born into life here on planet

earth with three compelling elements.

We are all born helpless, innocent, and good.

We come into life naturally innocent and normally helpless and


As little babies we are supposed to be helpless, innocent and

good because this is how that we all start out our human journey

on earth.

We also are born with the instinct to survive.

We have the instinct to want to have our milk in order to be


As we start to develop into small children our instinct to

survive soon teaches us that we must also learn how to compete

with others.

Other little children in their instinct to compete and to

survive may want to take away our toys or take away our places

or even smack our little faces.

As we continue to compete in order to survive, we also start to

become aware of our human emotions.

Our human emotions range from love, hate, fear, greed, pride,

lust, sorrow and many other emotions.

As we continue on in life we soon learn how to control our


For those unfortunate people who do not learn how to control

their emotions they may suffer from bad behavior and even worse

consequences or negative results.

We either learn or don't learn how to control our emotional

responses as a result of how that we choose to think and to

react or to behave with respect to our feelings of love, hate,

fear, greed, pride, lust and sorrow etc, etc.

In other words how that we choose to control or fail to control

our behavior in response to our emotional feelings is contingent

upon how that we think about all of these challenges in our

daily lives.

Our thinking or our thought process controls our behavior or

otherwise we lose control of our lives.

Depression Symptoms over long periods is your warning sign that

you are losing control over your thinking or thought process

that is associated with your emotional responses.

i.e. your depression symptoms

Now here is the good news!

You can regain your control over your thoughts.

Indeed with some effort you can regain control over your own

mind which self creates your own thoughts.

The first step in your healing process is to force your own mind

to think about the awesome power that is lying dormant inside


You can heal!!!

depression test!

Your mind power and your thought making capability is


You have an incredible and mind boggling power to self create

your own healing process!

All you need to do is to simply trigger this compelling power by

forcing your mind to think about healing your depression


Pray to God to help you overcome your depression symptoms.

This will also unleash your third entity of spirit or soul.

Picture in your mind the image of you feeling healthy and well

and filled with inner peace and harmony.

Force your mind to think about feelings of inner peace and well


Force your mind to dwell upon a beautiful place filled with

beauty and nature's wonders.

Think about beautiful waters and gorgeous skies.

Think about being with someone that makes you feel good about


If you don't have such a person in your life then start looking

for one.

Read the Holy Bible and write down any sentence that makes you

feel good.

Jesus Christ said "Ask and ye shall receive".

Norman Vincent Peale said "You can if you think you can".

Albert Einstein said "imagination is more important than


Robert Collier said "All power is from within and therefore

under our control".

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf said "We're really moving into a new era.

It's the era where the last frontier is not space or Star Trek

but it's going to be the mind".

You can overcome your depression symptoms!


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