Depression Help

Self Motivation

Depression Help

Your depression help starts with self motivation by Forcing

yourself to become focused upon your thinking process.

As soon as mad, bad, sad, negative thoughts creep into your

mind, tell yourself


Ask yourself this question.

Must I keep dwelling upon this negative bad, mad, sad, situation?

Tell yourself to force your mind to think about your positive

goals and your hopes and dreams for a better, healthier future.

Make out your "good list" and write it down. Write down on your

good list what it is that you know is both positive and good.

Who do you love and who loves you?

What is your most compelling wish?

What do you enjoy doing?

What do you like to talk about?

What hobby would you like to pursue?

Where would you like to take a vacation?

Which person do you respect and admire?

Do they inspire you for what they say or do?

If so then write down every issue that this person says or does

that you believe is both positive and good.

Do you believe in God?

Do you at least have an open mind about the existence of a

higher power?

Write down your answers

Go to the Bible and the New Testament and start reading the Book

of John.

Write down any passage that might inspire you.

Start reading either one of the following books by the great

visionary, Norman Vincent Peale:

"The Power of Positive Thinking" or You Can if You Think You Can".

Write down every positive and inspiring sentence that gives you

a positive feeling.

Write down the following Three Tools for my depression help.

Be good to myself, first

Do good things for myself, first

Say good things to myself, first

Then all these things for others every single day:

Be good to others

Do good things for others

Say good things to others

In order to enhance your depression help and to further improve

your self motivation

write down the following words in your own handwriting

I can and I will heal my emotional stress, or depression.I will

start out each day by reading from my good list.

I will again read my good list before I go to sleep at night.

I can and I will heal!

I will study and learn about the "Law of Attraction".

I will force my mind to reject any negative mad, bad, sad

thoughts by also forcing my mind to think about my "good list".

I will stop associating myself with people that make me feel bad, mad or sad.

I now realize that all of my negative thoughts that produce my

negative feelings are also self created inside my own mind, by


I may have unwittingly caused myself to become "addicted" to

powerful surges of negative emotional feelings that are also

self creating my emotional stress, anxiety, or depression.

By choice, I shall force my mind to reject negative thoughts and

instead I will force my mind to read and accept every thing on

my "good list".

My depression help is now in progress by the use of my own self



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Depression Help

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