Cinnamon Health Benefits

Cinnamon Health Benefits

Latest discoveries about cinnamon health benefits also known as the spice of life.Perhaps you have already been searching for foods, spices and seasonings that can enhance your health.

You are sure to have heard about the anti-oxidant potential in many fruits and vegetables but did you realize that cinnamon is also respected for its many health benefits?

Most people have no idea that this simple little seasoning has anti-bacterial properties and can combat a number of different infections, including the dreaded E.coli bacteria. Important compounds such as fiber, iron, calcium and manganese are also present.

While this ingredient may not be a Fountain of Youth, you can still improve your health with the use of this flavorful spice. There are few healthy products that offer the fragrant aroma and wonderful taste that this seasoning ingredient brings to the table.

Why not check out some of these health benefits that can be yours when you choose this ancient spice as your flavoring of choice?

Researchers have found that this delicious spice can improve a person's memory when it is consumed every day in small amounts.

Cinnamon Health Benefits And Anti-Oxidants:

There are many individuals who state that this seasoning has been instrumental in boosting their natural metabolism rates. People who add this spice to their daily meals and beverages often lose more weight in a shorter amount of time thanks to their ‘revved up' metabolic rates.

½-3/4 teaspoon of this spice each day has been linked to better regulation of blood sugar.

Even that unhealthy LDL cholesterol can be reduced if you add a total of ¼-1/2 teaspoon of this Eastern spice to your beverages or meals every deal.

Season a cup of tea with a bit of this aromatic spice whenever you have a cold or sinus infection and you may quickly discover that this spice can relieve aches and sniffles.

This fragrant spice has even proved to be useful against many forms of yeast infections.

Cinnamon Health Benefits And Anti-Oxidants:

Even the USDA has verified that cinnamon has a positive effect against some forms of cancers, including lymphoma and leukemia.

Arthritic pains are even reduced when individuals have consumed a small amount of this seasoning powder each morning for 30-45 days.

Another of the health benefits from using this seasoning is a slower clotting time for blood. This could help reduce the chances of your suffering from strokes or heart attacks.

Delicious flavors are not the only reason for you to consider using cinnamon in many of your favorite dishes. Now you know that you are boosting your health each and every time you add this seasoning to the menu.


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