Cinnamon And Weight Loss

Cinnamon And Weight Loss

Amazing discoveries about cinnamon and weight loss and health benefits.Over the last few years scientists have been discovering more and more health benefits of cinnamon. Now there are some theories that are connecting cinnamon and Weight Loss.

But, can this spice actually help those who are struggling with their weight to be more successful in their dieting efforts? When you consider some of the properties of this spice, there may be some truth to this theory.

Controlling Blood Sugar Levels:

Recent studies show that cinnamon does help to decrease blood sugar levels and helps to increase natural insulin production for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. It has been a long held belief in the medical field that the reduction of insulin and the increase in blood sugar levels may actually prevent or at least slow the cells ability to release stored fat.

It therefore makes sense that if this spice decreased blood sugar and increased insulin production even by a small margin that it would have some effect on Weight Loss even if this effect was marginal.

Controlling Blood Sugar Levels-Speeds Up Metabolism:

This spice when taken daily in sufficient amounts increases the body's heat and speeds up metabolism. Studies have shown that the faster your metabolism is the easier it is to burn fat and calories. So here again it seems as though this spice may well at least on some level help people in their efforts to lose weight.

Cinnamon And Weight Loss-Weight Loss Elixir:There has been a recipe going around for sometime now that combines water, cinnamon and honey to make an elixir that is supposed to aid in Weight Loss. While some people swear by this elixir others doubt it's Weight Loss benefits. The problem is that one of the things that makes this spice an aid to losing weight is because it can lower blood sugar levels.

Mixing this spice with honey which is a natural form of carbohydrates would raise blood sugar levels, this doesn't make sense as it seems that the honey would decrease the benefits of the cinnamon. Therefore common sense tells you that this spice would have more benefit to those on a diet taken alone or sprinkled on food than mixed with a high sugar concentrate.

However, one should keep in mind that this spice is not a magic potion for losing weight. Eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise and rest, are the only ways to really burn those calories. Including the use of cinnamon as part of an overall healthy diet plan may increase the overall benefits of your diet but, will in no way work as a substitute for proper diet and exercise.

To include the use of this spice to lose weight look for recipes that are low in fat, sugar, sodium, and calories that use this spice. That way you can assure yourself you are eating healthy and getting all the health benefits of this spice including the benefits that will help you to speed up your metabolism, reduce your blood sugar levels and help in the reduction of those extra pounds.


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