Cinnamon And Blood Sugar

Cinnamon And Blood Sugar

Latest discoveries about cinnamon and blood sugar relating to health benefits.Centuries ago men traveled to the orient and brought back a variety of spices, of which cinnamon was in the highest demand for its unique flavoring ability.

In today's world cinnamon is still a favored spice due to its wonderful flavor but, it is also gaining more and more attention for its health benefits as well. One of the most promising benefits seems to be the correlation between cinnamon and the reduction of blood sugar levels.

In 2009, scientist discovered that cinnamon may help those suffering from type 2 diabetes lower their blood sugar levels significantly. Various tests have been done and while more testing still needs to be completed there is strong evidence that 2 teaspoons of cinnamon a day sprinkled on various foods, or taken as a supplement can indeed reduce blood sugar levels and perhaps increase your natural insulin production.

Cinnamon And Blood Sugar:

In a study done of 60 patients in Pakistan, those taking small amounts of cinnamon for 40 days showed a 19 to 29% in glucose levels. While other more recent test have not resulted in such dramatic results there is enough data to lead scientist to believe that further testing should be done and that cinnamon should be included in the overall treatment of type2 diabetes. Amazingly cinnamon also seems to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels as well which may help patients who are at risk of coronary artery disease.

While the medical profession does not recommend that anyone take high doses of cinnamon on a daily basis until further studies are done, many in the field are recommended that low doses of cinnamon taken daily by all adults may have added health benefits when incorporated into a healthy diet.

Cinnamon And Blood Sugar:

While there are cinnamon supplements available it is quite easy to fit this spice into your daily foods. There are several recipes available specifically for diabetics using this spice and taking the time to collect and try some of these recipes may have some extremely healthy benefits for those people with high glucose levels.

You can find special recipes that use this spice by choosing from among several fine diabetic cookbooks that are available on the market on finding recipes online. Finding recipes that are low in fat as well as sugar will help you to maintain overall good health.

You can also sprinkle this spice on unsweetened applesauce, in your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, add it to those milk based smoothies, or as a topping on toast or oatmeal. You can even sprinkle a little on cold cereal.

Cinnamon And Blood Sugar:

The great thing about cinnamon is that it is so versatile you can use it to enhance the flavor of meats, vegetables and desserts. It can be used alone or mixed with other spices. It is also fairly inexpensive to purchase making it accessible to everyone regardless of budget.

Considering all its potential health benefits this is one spice that should be in everyone's cupboard. Of course using the spice fresh will allow you to get the most of its health benefits.


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