Causes of Low Blood pressure

by linda

You will not have to search very hard to learn that there are lots of Causes for Low Blood pressure readings. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that your blood pressure fluctuates from moment to moment. It would be almost impossible to consistently record the exact readings time after time, but the numbers should generally stay in the same ‘ball park'.

Dehydration will cause a person to have a lower blood pressure than normal. When your body is depleted of fluids the blood cannot flow properly and dehydration can result from vomiting, diarrhea or nausea which would make it difficult to consume enough little food and fluids.

Prolonged exercise, heat exhaustion or excessive sweating can also be factors that contribute to dehydration based problems with your BP readings. In many instances you might only notice that you become extremely thirsty and tired. If the dehydration is more sever e then you could actually develop orthostatic hypotension. This is when your body is unable to compensate for the low flow of blood and symptoms such as fainting and syncope are evident.

A weak heart is unable to pump blood properly and this is another reason that your BP may be lower than normal. A heart infection, aortic stenosis, pericarditis or cardiomyopathy can also be common Causes for Low Blood pressure.

If an individual is suffering from bleeding, either external or internal, it can readily lead to circulatory problems. One of the first signs of serious bleeding is going to be a drop in the blood pressure reading. This is also accompanied by a higher than normal pulse rate because your body is trying to get as much blood as possible to your brain and other vital organs.

In fact many common cardiovascular ailments are associated with a variety of blood pressure problems. A heart attack or partial blockages within the cardiac arteries will often result in low BP readings. Many of the medications that are used to treat high cholesterol or high blood pressure can also wreak havoc with your heart and blood vessels. In some instances the side effects of such medicines will result in a BP that is lowered to critical levels.

Obesity can even be linked to BP complaints such as readings that are too high or too low. You should always try to maintain a healthy body weight, eat right and participate in a daily exercise routine. Make sure to keep your body hydrated with water, nutritionally sound energy beverages and fresh fruit and veggies.

To help prevent a variety of health conditions from affecting your body it is a good idea to follow a low fat dietary program. You do not have to constantly count calories if you are paying close attention to the number of fat grams that are in the recipes you prepare. Many doctors are now prescribing a low fat eating plan for to help their patients avoid such problems as Low Blood pressure, high blood pressure and other cardiac based health condition.

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