Calories In Wine, Vodka Add up to Extra Pounds

by Terry

If you want to adopt a low fat, low calorie lifestyle you need to pay close attention to what you drink as well as what foods you choose to eat.

For instance two glasses of your favorite wine contains approximately the same number of calories as a serving of cake. If you combine these items in one meal you may discover that you have quickly careened right off the healthy eating track.

There are also just as many Calories In just 16 ounces of many brands of lager as you would consume in an all-beef hamburger. Now which one of these choices is really the best for your body?

The truth is-most people fail to count the calories that are in their favorite beverages. Sure, you already know that sugary sodas contain lots of calories but Margaritas, Pina Coladas, beer and other alcoholic beverages can add more unnecessary numbers to your daily calorie allotment.

If you enjoy 1-2 glasses of wine with your dinner 4-5 times a week you could be adding 2000-4000 calories over the course of a month. Just imagine packing on an extra pound of body weight each month just by indulging in a pinot noir or rich Chardonnay.

Alcoholic beverages contain fermented sugars and starches and these components add up to significant weight gain over time. Of course the actual amount of extra calories you are drinking depends on how many glasses of beer or wine you consume, but most people drink more alcohol than they may think.

When you drink a lot of alcohol it might make you ‘a party animal' but these extra calories are just packing on the pounds and offer almost no nutritional value at all. Yes, wine contains anti-oxidants and phytonutrients that are good for your heart but if you are going to be gaining weight this ‘heart healthy' value is going to be offset by those excess pounds.

Another point to consider is that alcohol consumption slows down a lot of those necessary body functions. People who are drinking alcoholic beverages are limiting their ability to burn fat and absorb vitamins and other nutrients. Your body is simply directing all of the energy toward processing and eliminating the alcohol.

If you are going to drink then you should learn more about the number of calories that are in your favorite alcoholic beverages. The Calories In Vodka and white wine are almost identical. A Vodka and tonic drink contains approximately 120 calories and a medium sized glass of white wine contains about 130 calories. Just one of these drinks will not damage your dieting efforts.

Wine is actually one of the better choices if you are trying to stick to a low-calorie diet. 3-4 ounces of wine will equal 70-120 calories. Light beers can also help you avoid the high caloric value of alcoholic beverages. An ounce of rum mixed with a spritz of citrus, some fresh fruit and a sugarless daiquiri mix is another low-cal option.

Most alcohol drinks contain 5-7 calories per gram and most of these are FAT calories. Just learn to create lower calorie cocktails and enjoy alcohol in moderation and then you can indulge without packing on those extra pounds.

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