Calories In Red Wine And Calories In Food

by Vino

Many people enjoy having a glass of Red Wine with a meal or in the evening before bed. And there is certainly nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of wine to wind down at the end of the day especially as on going research has discovered that drinking one 4 ounce glass a day may actually have many health benefits to the average person.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Red Wine

In order to understand why Red Wine has so many health benefits you need to understand that not just the juice of the fruit goes into the wine but, the skin and seeds of the fruit also go into this beverage. The skin and fruit of the red grapes contain a lot of antioxidants which perform a host of healthy functions and are part of the reason why drinking wine may help to keep you healthy. Here are some of the health benefits that are attributed to this beverage.

Helps prevent blood cell clotting. Wine does this by increasing your HDL cholesterol levels which helps to strengthen your veins and prevent plaque from forming on the vein walls. In addition it also helps to prevent the formation of LDL which is bad cholesterol.

Aids digestion.

Calories In Red Wine And Calories In Food:

Low in sodium and high in potassium which helps reduce water retention in the body. This is extremely important for people with congestive heart failure or who are trying to lose weight.

This beverage may also help protect the brain from damage due to strokes and may help reduce the risk of certain kinds of cancer

In addition, certain wines have vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy.

That doesn't mean that you should drink a bottle of wine a day thinking that the more you drink the healthier you will become as that is certainly not the case. While this beverage can have many healthy benefits when consumed in moderation it can also produce serious health problems when one over indulges on this beverage on a continual basis. One four ounce glass seems to be the perfect amount to reap the most health benefits.

Calories In Red Wine And Calories In Food:

Will Red Wine Help Or Hurt A Diet?

Whether wine helps or hurts a diet depends on a number of things as part of a healthy diet one glass of Red Wine can help you maintain your health. However, if you are dieting to lose weight you need to remember that one 4 ounce glass of this beverage contains between 90 and 105 calories and that these Calories In the wine are empty calories, meaning they will not help you feel full and satiated. However, if the rest of your diet does not leave you feeling hungry then one glass of wine at dinner time or before bed can easily be incorporated into a weight loss plan.

As with all foods, eating healthy means watching your overall calorie intake, choosing foods low in fat and consuming food and drinks in moderation. Healthy eating is not about forgoing those foods and beverages you love but about choosing wisely.

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