Calories In Alcohol And Weight Loss Tips

by Vino

Almost everyone likes to have a drink every now and then, but if you are watching your calories, carbohydrates and sugars you might want to limit your alcohol consumption to the bare minimum. When trying to lose weight the empty Calories Alcohol contains are the last thing you need. You want each and every calorie you consume to serve to keep those hunger pangs at bay and give you the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy while you lose those extra pounds.

Calories In Alcohol And Weight Loss Tips:

What Are Empty Calories And Just How Many Does Alcohol Contain?

Empty calories are those calories that have little or no nutritional value and can't be used to give you a feeling of fullness and appease your hunger. Almost all beverages that contain calories are filled with empty calories because they do nothing in the way of making you feel full or actually helping you stay healthy.

The one arguable exception when it comes to the empty Calories Alcohol contains is wine. While a single glass of wine may contain 100 calories or a little more, this alcoholic beverage can help strengthen the heart when consumed in small quantities of no more than a glass a day. However, the same cannot be said for other alcoholic beverages.

Beer for example contains between 96 and 200 calories for a single glass depending on the brand and whether or not it is a light beer made with fewer calories. Made mainly of fermented grains, beer has little real nutritional value and will not give you the same satisfaction as consuming 200 calories of real food.

Hard alcohol drunk by itself is somewhat better containing between 48 and 136 calories or a little more depending on your choice of alcohol. However, most people prefer to have their hard alcohol mixed with other beverages which can greatly increase your calorie intake. You also need to keep in mind if you have to watch your blood sugar levels that alcohol is packed with carbohydrates and sugars that can send your glucose readings soaring while not giving you any real nutritional value for all those calories.

Calories In Alcohol And Weight Loss Tips:

It is even worse for those people who prefer those creamy alcoholic mixed drinks as now you are not only increasing your calorie and carbohydrate intake, but the amount of fat you are consuming as well.

Overall, there is little in most alcoholic beverages that will help strengthen your heart or help you to lose weight.

Does this mean you should avoid alcohol entirely? Not necessarily. Part of learning to eat healthy is learning that you can enjoy those foods and beverages which you love in moderation. However, before consuming that drink at your next party consider your diet plan and make the necessary adjustments so you can enjoy that drink without feeling guilty. Consider mixing that shot of vodka with low calorie soda water or at least a healthy fruit juice and limit yourself to one or two drinks for the entire evening.

All you need to do is adjust your day's diet to make up for those Calories Alcohol will add to your diet and you should be fine.

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