Calories Burned While walking

Calories Burned While walking

Exercise for a healthier heart and calories burned while walking.Why not find out exactly how many calories are burned when you get up off the sofa and begin walking.

Did you know that the key to losing weight is going to depend more on the intensity and speed of your walk as opposed to the actual distance?

Calories Burned While walking:

It is possible to burn more calories in a 1-2 mile walk than in a 6 or 7 mile walk if you put your mind and feet in the correct gear. You can increase the amount of calories that are being burned by using ankle and wrist weights, carrying a full backpack or generating some powerful arm movements to help propel your body along at a faster rate.

For most people there are lots of bonuses that they can enjoy While walking. You can carry on conversations with other individuals, read a book, listen to music or simply take the time to really look at the surrounding scenery. In other words even a brisk walk will give you plenty of time to savor the beauty, colors and sounds that are provided by Mother Nature.

The Calories Burned with running are almost identical to the number of calories an intense walk requires. For the majority of individuals a sport such as jogging or running is too stressful for their joints and muscles While walking is a much gentler activity and can be performed by all ages.

Calories Burned While walking:

If you are searching for a fast and fun way to burn off those excess pounds then you need look no further than a daily walk.

This does not mean that you can negate several thousand calories in one quick walk around the block. But with each walk you will be getting rid of more of those unattractive pounds and inches. Walking should be an activity that you incorporate into your daily schedule if you want to really benefit from the Calories Burned during a 30-90 minute walk.

If you eat a slice of your favorite pizza you will have to travel at least 3000-3500 steps to burn these extra calories. Enjoying a crisp chicken wing smothered in barbeque sauce and a side of celery sticks with ranch dip requires you to walk for 2500-3000 steps to keep those excess calories from being stored as body fat.

Many people are going to burn about 75-150 calories with a 30-45 minute walk. Of course the exact amount of calories will depend on many other factors. Remember that if you want to get your body into ‘fat burning mode' immediately before a walk you will have to participate in 15-20 minutes of cardio based exercises to get your heart into its ‘target zone. Then you will be burning Fat Calories each step of your walk.

Now, if you consider that you are covering at least 30 inches (or more) with each of your strides you will realize that 3000-3500 steps is roughly the equivalent of a mile. If you walk at a fairly brisk rate you should burn about 200-400 calories in the process. If you are a slower walker then the number of calories you burn can be significantly less. People with larger body frames and heavier builds will also burn calories at a faster rate than slimmer, shorter individuals.

Calories Burned While walking:

Some people have become so highly disciplined that they will go out for a walk or hit the treadmill anytime they eat a high fat, high calorie snack. Instead of going to this extreme you can factor in the Calories Burned during your weekly walks when figuring out how many extra snacks you can consume without packing on some unwanted pounds.


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