Blood Type Food List

Blood Type Food List

Blood type food list determines the best food choices for dieters.If you want to lose weight fast and have more energy then you need to learn the foods that are designated as being appropriate for your Blood Type. Today many nutritionists are promoting this holistic, natural diet for all individuals.

Just as your blood group is specific to your body so are the foods that you should be consuming. Eating those products that are most compatible with your type of blood is one way to provide your body with the exact nutrition needed for maximum efficiency.

Blood Type Food List:

Fast weight loss and a better metabolism are both within your reach, but you will have to incorporate specific dietary considerations into your meals.

There is a chemical process that occurs during the digestive process. Once you learn the correct Food List to use for your type of blood you will be on the path to a better, healthier lifestyle.

There are numerous benefits of this ‘body-specific' diet and they include higher energy levels, improved digestion, a more efficient metabolic system and better weight loss results. Once you begin losing that excess weight you are going to look better and be happier.

It all comes down to a matter of genetics because your blood group is actually responsible for how well your body performs when it metabolizes specific foods.

Blood groups all have specific antigens that are compatible with certain foods. The protein molecules in foods are known as lectins.

These small particles have the ability to bond with sugar molecules that are in your blood cells, but if there is incompatibility present these lectin molecules can also bind with other cells in your body.

When the lectins bind incorrectly there can be a host of problems that result. If the binding process occurs in the cells of your nervous system symptoms such as hyperactivity may result.

Improper molecular binding can also lead to trouble with your digestion, circulation and metabolism. Many common allergies and physical ailments have also been linked to diets that contain foods that are not compatible with your blood cells.

Blood Type Food List:

People with Type O blood can eat chicken and other poultry. Yet those with AB or B Blood Types are at risk for developing strokes, heart disease or circulatory problems if they consume chicken meat.

The sugar molecules in dairy products are compatible with the systems of those individuals who have Type B blood. This allows them to easily enjoy milk and other dairy products.

On the other hand those individuals who have either Type O blood or Type A blood will have a greater risk of developing allergies or issues related to milk intolerance.

There is a great deal of science and logic related to the foods that are now being designated for specific types of blood. Why not find out more information and then create a healthier diet that is perfect for your system?


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