Best High Protein Foods for Weight Loss

by Jessica

Even with many various diets for weight loss popping into the scene every other day, there are a few diets that remain effective and most followed by the people. One such diet is the high protein diet plan which involves only the consumption of foods rich in protein. Another main rule of the protein diet for weight loss is to completely reduce the consumption of carbohydrates which is considered one of the factors for weight loss.

The idea behind reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet is that when there is less carbohydrates in the body, there is a dearth of energy and the excess fat in the body is burnt from which the energy is derived. As a result the fat is removed from the body thereby losing weight. Here is a list of foods that are rich in proteins and aid in the losing of weight.

One of the most important foods rich in protein is soy and it is known mainly for the high protein content and is consumed by those who are interested in body sculpting and this also plays a crucial role in bringing about good health.

Another best source of protein is egg which contains a fair amount of proteins but to gain nutrition and build muscles, you need to eat a lot of eggs everyday. It is however recommended that you seek the advice of the dietician before you take in a lot of eggs.

Dairy Products
Dairy products like cheese, milk, yogurt and butter contain a high amount of proteins but certain amounts of fats too. Though they are required for the high protein diet plan one must be wary of the amount of fats present in them too.

The nuts are good anti oxidants as well as provide the required proteins for the weight loss. You can include them in your diet instead of taking in the junk food to satisfy the hunger.

Beans and lentils
Of the best healthy vegetarian foods rich in protein are beans and lentils. Though they contain quite a lot of protein, they do not do the required as much as the meat does. They are devoid of essential amino acids and hence are considered incomplete proteins.

The best source of complete proteins can be obtained from the meat. The proteins present in the meat can be called as high quality protein as they contain all required essential amino acids. But one must be careful while buying meat as they can contain equal amount of fat too. It is therefore best to consume only lean meat in the weight loss diet.

Apart from the omega 3 fatty acids, the fish like mackerel, tuna and salmon are full of proteins that can enable the weight loss.

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