Belly Fat Diet

Belly Fat Diet

Delicious belly fat diet and a fun easy way on how to lose

stomach fat eating healthy foods.

Not only can you lose stomach fat but in fact you can do so by

eating delicious, healthy foods. If you take this plan

seriously and make the commitment to stick with it then not only

will you lose belly fat but also your whole body will become

trim and healthy. First of all, let's get to the facts.

Nothing can make you lose just belly fat naturally without

losing fat elsewhere on your body. So called "spot" reducing

fat loss plans are phoney baloney and do not work.

Here are three golden rules that will guarantee you positive


Rule 1. Eliminate saturated fats and fried, greasy foods from

your diet.

Rule 2. Eat lots of fresh, whole vegetables and fruits while

keeping your meat consumption to less than six ounces per day.

Rule 3. Start a regular, daily exercise plan that increases

your heart rate and keeps the heart beat elevated

for at least 15 minutes each day.

How To Lose Stomach Fat

Start your day with two boiled eggs and a small bowl of fruit.

Drink a cup of green tea with Splenda as the sweetener. Skip the

breads, donuts, sweet rolls and breakfast pastries.

Lunch. Have a large salad or vegetable plate and fruit for

desert. Have a big glass of water instead of sugary drinks.

Dinner. Eat six ounces of lean meat or the white meat of chicken

or turkey with the skin removed. Alternate some days with fish

in order to add omega 3 in your diet. Eat lots of fresh

vegetables and fruits before during and after regular meals.

This way you avoid hunger pangs and you will start eating

smaller portions and healthier foods. Remember that hunger

pangs signal the body to store fat so this plan eliminates the

need for your body to store food on you belly or any where else!

The next step is your exercise plan and if you don't go to the

gym then walk, swim or bike for an hour each day. Exercise is

not an option if you want to stay healthy and/or lose weight.

If you are concerned about losing belly fat then your brain is

giving you a signal to do something about it. This plan works!

For more information on belly fat diets search this site.

Let's get moving!


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