Bed Bug Bite Picture

Bed Bug Bite Picture

Here is a bed bug bite picture beware of bed bug bites these insects are a blood sucking insect infestation.According to statistics the incidents of bed bug infestation has risen 500% in the last 5 years. Every state in the United States has reported growing incidences of these infestations particularly in large cities.

These blood sucking little insects when full grown are only about the size of an apple seed but, have been found in theaters, schools, hospitals, hotels, and in private homes. So, if you think that an infestation of these little pests can't happen to you, think again.

However, knowing the Signs Of bed bug infestations can help you to get rid of these blood sucking insects and prevent you becoming a victim of their itchy and uncomfortable bites. Here are the signs you should be looking for.


Bed Bug Bite Picture:

The appearance of bites is usually the first sign that your home is infested. If you wake up with bug bites make special note of the bites and bite pattern. Bites from these bugs are red with a darker red center, they also tend to run in sets of three or four one right after the other.

Shed Skin And Fecal Matter

If you think that the bites you have are from Bed Bugs then the next sign you should look for is shed casings and fecal matter. These insects shed up to 5 times in their life time so it is likely that you will see some brown streaks on your mattress or other places. Fecal matter will look like pepper has been sprinkled or sprayed.

When looking for Signs Of these insects you should pull up your mattress and check in all the crevices especially between the mattress and the box springs and around and behind the head of the bed. If you are not sure what you are seeing is really left by these nocturnal insects. Then your next bet is to try and actually find a bug you can identify.

Use An Interceptor

Bed Bug Bite Picture:

Interceptors for these pests are made to be placed underneath the legs of your bed. Not only will these interceptors trap these insects so that you know that they are there but, they also keep them from being able to climb onto your bed and bite you. If you find these insects in your interceptors then you know you have a problem. Chances are if you find one of these insects there are 100 more running around your home.

Once you know that these creatures are sharing your home you can take steps to get rid of them. Keep in mind that when heavy infestation occurs, individuals have been known to suffer up to 500 bites a night.

While these bites are not known to cause serious health risks from diseases, having so many insect bites could cause secondary health risks due to allergic reactions and infection from scratching the bites.

Knowing the sign of that your home is infested with these blood sucking parasites can make early detection and elimination possible saving you and your family a lot of discomfort and worry.


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