Banana Nutrition Facts

Banana Nutrition Facts

Banana nutrition facts and foods to avoid high cholesterol for a

low fat diet.

A six inch banana that weighs about four ounces contains about

90 calories, zero fat grams with negligible amounts of


If you are trying to cut back on your intake of high cholesterol

then a banana a day is a healthy food to include in your diet.

For breakfast you can use a banana on dry cereal instead of

sugar and using low fat or skim milk will keep your calories and

fats to lower levels.

You can use a banana as an in between meals snack to help avoid

hunger pangs before regular meals.

Bananas and other fruits are also rich in fiber which are also

good for an overall healthy low fat diet.

The banana nutrition facts have been established to show that

including a banana in your daily diet can help lower your

appetite and thus lower your cravings for other unhealthy foods

that can be high in bad cholesterol.

Foods To Avoid High Cholesterol

Foods To Avoid High Cholesterol

Your body actually needs cholesterol in order to stay healthy but

it needs good cholesterol which is HDL cholesterol.

Avoid bad cholesterol which is LDL cholesterol which is found in

animal fat and the skin from poultry.

Avoid greasy, fried foods and meats high in animal fat such as

hamburgers, french fries, salami and fatty sausages.

Eat more fish that is not fried and enjoy more nuts, fruits and


Eat a handful of nuts daily.

Walnuts are especially good for you but only a handful per day

because of the higher caloric count.

Low Fat Diet

Choose dairy products that are fat free, low fat or at least

reduced fat.

Products such as milk soy, yogurt ice cream and cheese are good

for the calcium your body requires but are healthier than the

high fat content of regular dairy items.

Avoid donuts, pastries, cakes, cookies, pies and all saturated

fat foods.

Eat more bean products, tofu, tempch and lean meats such as

white turkey or chicken devoid of skin and fat.

Prepare them in a manner that does not include frying.

Restrict your intake of meat to six ounces per day.

Eat more green salads but use no more than two tablespoons of

low fat dressing per salad.

Your body also needs the proper amount of exercise daily in

order to keep your heart and lungs healthy.

Exercise also keeps your blood enriched with oxygen to promote

optimum brain function.

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