Baked Salmon Fillet Recipe

Baked Salmon Fillet Recipe

Delicious baked salmon fillet recipe or choice of cod,herring,mackerel and other fish recipes.Today there is a lot of emphasis on healthy nutrition. This means that people are becoming more interested in finding out which foods are going to provide them with the most benefits yet still deliver flavors that they will enjoy.

Those Omega 3 fish oils are good for your heart and cardiovascular system. Cold water fish varieties including salmon, cod, herring and mackerel are packed with high levels of Omega 3 nutrients as well as a number of other vitamins and minerals.

Baked Salmon Fillet Recipe:

Baking a meaty fish such as salmon is a quick and easy way to feed your family and the rich flavors will make you forget that you once thought beef was King.

In many instances you will want to cook your salmon whole instead of dividing it into smaller fillets. If this is the case then you may wish to use a roasting pan or a baking dish. Then all you need to do is to add a sweet white wine, a few herbs and some fresh veggies and you will have an all in one meal that will please everyone at the table.

Choosing to season the salmon with herbs such as dill, rosemary, parsley or thyme allows you to omit the salt and still develop complex and satisfying flavors with this type of fish. You can also use citrus juices to help you create deep flavor when you use these thick fillets.

Baked Salmon Fillet Recipe:

Another baking method that is highly recommended with salmon is to seal the fillets into heavy pieces of aluminum foil. You should always coat the foil with nonstick spray or butter to keep the surfaces of the salmon from sticking and tearing. The salmon should be baked in this foil pouch skin side down. Add your favorite veggies, seasonings and a bit of white wine to the pouch and Voila, you will be able to cook moist, superbly flavorful salmon fillets in a relatively short period of time.

This recipe for baked salmon will let you prepare a healthier version of a famous and decadently rich salmon dish without losing the full taste and flavor profile of the recipe's star ingredient.

Royal Salmon with Crayfish Sauce

Ingredients-Baked Salmon Fillet Recipe:

4- 6 ounce salmon fillets that are an inch thick

4 tablespoons of sifted, all-purpose flour

3-4 tablespoons of butter

1/2 cup of skim milk

3 cups of vegetable stock or fat free chicken stock

¾ cup asparagus tips (blanched)

2 large sliced mushrooms or 4 truffle slices

¼ cup Parmesan cheese (optional)

½ cup of sautéed or broiled crayfish tails (can substitute small shrimp)

½ teaspoon of salt (optional)

½ teaspoon fresh ground pepper

Baked Salmon Fillet Recipe:


Rinse the salmon fillets with cool tap water.

Pat the fish dry with paper towels.

Brush the fish fillets with a light coat of melted butter (about 1-2 tablespoons) and sprinkle with the salt and pepper.

Blanch asparagus tips

Quickly sauté crayfish tails (shrimp) and mushrooms

Cooking Directions

Preheat oven to 350

Put the vegetable or chicken stock into a saucepan and bring to a boil; the adjust to a medium/ high heat setting and cook until you have reduced the 3 cup mixture to an approximate volume of 1 ½ cups.

Place salmon fillets in a shallow baking pan and then place pan on the middle oven rack. Let the fish cook for 10-12 minutes.

Melt your remaining butter in a sauté pan. Add the flour and then stir these ingredients while cooking on low heat setting for 2-3 minutes.

Now you will add both the skim milk and the reduced stock liquid to the butter and flour mixture.

Simmer until the sauce reaches a slightly thick consistency.

Add the crayfish tails (or shrimp) and asparagus tips and continue to simmer for 2-3 minutes.

Add the parmesan cheese if you are using this optional ingredient.

Place the fish on individual plates, add sauce and top with sliced mushrooms (or truffles).

As an alternative you can even try this quick and easy baked salmon fillet recipe:

Fast and Fresh Baked Citrus-Dill Salmon

1 pound of fresh salmon steaks

1 lime/1 lemon

¼ cup orange juice

Zest of an orange

2 tablespoons fresh chopped dill leaves

¾ teaspoon of lemon pepper

Dash of sea salt (optional)

Wash the salmon steaks and pat them dry with paper towels.

Place the fish into a plastic bag.

Add the citrus juices to the bag.

Put the bag of fish into the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes so the citrusy marinade flavors can develop.

Remove the fillets from the bag and then brush each piece of fish with a little melted butter. Season the pieces of fish with a sprinkle of sea salt and the lemon pepper.

Sprinkle some of the orange zest along the top of each piece of salmon.

Wrap the salmon in aluminum foil and tightly seal the edges.

Bake in the oven for 10 minutes.

Prior to serving you can use the dill leaves as a flavorful garnish


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