Baked Brie Recipe

Baked Brie Recipe

Spicy baked brie recipe rocks the dinner table and anti-oxidants from cheese and dairy products.Who would have thought that you can indulge in a decadent treat such as Baked brie and still maintain your commitment to healthier eating habits?

Many people love the taste of cheese and other dairy products. In their efforts to adopt healthier diets they frequently overlook the fact that cheese can still be included in their meal plans. Cheese and dairy products are good for you to eat if you prepare them the correct way and choose your selections carefully.

With this Baked brie recipe you can indulge that craving for rich, creamy flavor while providing your body with some much needed anti-oxidants. This distinctive recipe also ups the ante by combining a ‘One-Two punch' of crunchy nuts and healthy fats in the list of ingredients.

Dietary experts are now instructing many clients to include some self-indulgent foods on their weekly menu plans. It has been proven that the exclusion of these foods can lead to ‘cheating on diets' and giving up on a healthy eating program altogether.

In order to lose weight and cater to the needs of your heart and cardiovascular system you need to enjoy a wide variety of healthier foods. This type of diet plan helps teach the principles of moderation with meals without making you feel as though you are being deprived of the foods you really crave.

Many individuals long to incorporate heart healthy eating habits into their daily routines. Yet no one really wants to feel that they are going to be restricted to ‘rabbit food' fare day in and day out. Your body can crave certain flavors and textures when it comes to food and if you are not careful you can sabotage your healthy intentions in just those first few days.

Walnuts contain heart healthy fats and other essential nutrients. These delicious nuts are one of the welcome components in this richly satisfying brie recipe. The crunchy texture of the chopped walnuts is another welcome feature that makes this dish one that will soothe several food cravings at once.

You will also be using cranberries as an ingredient. These tiny berries are packed with the anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients that boost your immune system, promote cardiovascular health and help repair damaged cells in your body.

Even the whole-grain crackers that are recommended for use with this baked cheese dish are high on the healthy foods list. Whole grains are recognized as a heart healthy food by the medical and dietary communities. What better way to enjoy adding whole grain goodness and fiber to your meals than through the use of these tasty, flavorful crackers?

Spiced Baked brie recipe:

Required Ingredients

Brie Cheese- a half pound (round)

2 teaspoons of toasted, chopped English walnuts (can substitute pecans or almonds)

4 tablespoons of dried cranberries (can substitute other dried fruit pieces)

¼ teaspoon ground allspice

1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

2 teaspoons of organic honey (optional)

Whole grain crackers 20+

Baked Brie Recipe:


Oven should be preheated to 350F.

Remove and discard the top of the cheese rind.

Place the cheese in a baking dish. Make sure that the rind-less edge is facing upwards.

Combine the nuts, berries and seasonings together in a small bowl and then top the cheese with this mixture.

Allow the cheese to bake for 10-20 minutes.

The Brie should be warm and creamy soft when you remove it from the oven.

Use the crackers to dip the cheese.

A serving of this recipe will contain about 180 calories; 2.5 grams of fiber and 60 mg. of calcium. You should be able to serve 8-10 people with this Baked brie favorite.


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