Anxiety Depression Symptoms

Anxiety Depression Symptoms

Anxiety depression symptoms and healthy diet tips as an aid for

treating anxiety disorder.

Unfortunately many clinicians who engage in counseling patients

with mood disorders avoid discussing diet. Over the past few

years a number of studies and research have shown that an

unhealthy diet is often associated with anxiety and depression.

Dr. Daniel G. Amen in his latest book "Change Your Brain Change

Your Body" makes compelling observations. Dr. Amen has spent

years studying the brain and the effects of diet and unhealthy

foods that effect our lives. If we feel bad about the way we

look, while eating unhealthy foods, then likely that will

contribute to our attitudes and moods with just about everything

in our lives. Surely it does not take rocket science to

understand that if we constantly eat fried, greasy foods loaded

with fat, salt, sodium and bad cholesterol then it will surely

effect how we feel. How could it not?

Treating Anxiety Disorder

According to the American Heart Association stress, over weight

and lifestyle are associated with both heart attack and stroke.

Heart disease is now the number one disease killer and stroke is

number three. If we get lucky and survive either a heart attack

or stroke one of the first issues the doctors discuss is a

healthy diet. Surely then if diet is so important why not

develop healthy, nutritious eating habits before we get sick or


The next important issue is exercise which is also part of that

compelling word called "lifestyle". The facts are

indisputable. If you want to get healthier then you also need a

daily exercise plan. Daily exercise is not an option but in

fact a must for good health. No diet plan will remain very

effective without the proper amount of exercise. We need both.

Searching for the TV remote will not do it. Even if you only

start out by walking 15 minutes a day then it's a good start and

the beginning of a great habit and as you know habits are hard

to break. Eating a healthy diet and exercising will make you

look and feel better. This is also a great start in helping you

to overcome anxiety and depression. Let's get moving!

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