Acai Oil

Acai Oil

Amazing health benefits for acai oil associated with anti-oxidants heart disease and cancers.The acai berry has been used by the natives of the Amazon Rainforest for centuries in a variety of ways both as sustenance and for it's medicinal purposes.

Many believe that this small reddish purple berry is a super food and while there is debate about that no one questions the health benefits of this berry or it's juice. acai oil also has many health benefits and this oil is used in a variety of health and beauty products and as a concentrate food substance due to these health benefits.

benefits Of acai oil When used topically

The oil of the acai berry is cold compressed from seeds and used either alone or in combination with other ingredients to make health and beauty products due to it's many benefits. Here are some of the uses of this oil when used as a topical treatment

Health Benefits,Berries,Anti-Oxidants,Cancers:

Heals cracked, dried skin. The wealth of vitamins in the acai oil such as vitamins C, E, B1, B2 and B3 help promote healing return the skin back to it's more natural softer form.

The anti-oxidants in this oil is believed to help prevent those fine lines and wrinkles

relieves muscle aches and pains and so is used on people who have over used their muscles and need relief from the aches and pains. It is also believed that since this oil reduces inflammation that it may bring some relief to those suffering from arthritis stiffness and pain due to the swelling around the joints.

It relieves the dryness and itching from eczema and other skin problems

brings back health and shine to damaged hair

can be used for it's anti bacterial properties when treating cuts and bruises

It is an extremely effective moisturizer for dry skin.

Health Benefits,Berries,Anti-Oxidants,Cancers:

While the oil from the acai berry is highly beneficial when use topically the edible version of acai oil gives a concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that can provide numerous benefits to your internal health as well. Some of the beneficial properties of this edible oil includes:

Help protect from the development of certain kinds of cancers due it's concentrated anti-oxidants.

Helps protect the heart from heart disease and can lower system cholesterol

Taken internally this oil has many anti aging qualities due to the abundance of vitamins and minerals that help to slow signs of aging and help maintain health and vitality.

It is believed that taking this oil internally helps athletes recover from sore muscles quicker.

Provides many of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs to maintain proper health and to fortify your immune system.

While the acai berry or its oil may not exactly be a super food there is no doubt that adding the edible version of this oil to your diet or using it as a topical treatment will give you many health benefits that will help to keep you feeling younger and more active.


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