Acai Berry Weight Loss

Acai Berry Weight Loss

Learn the truth about acai berry weight loss also a great anti-oxidant.The popular and well-advertised acai berry is a fruit that has received a lot of promotion as a promising dietary aid.

In fact there are many people who claim that using these tiny South American berries will help you lose that weight in 24-48 hours; cure physical ailments and add years to your life. It does become a little difficult to determine which of these claims are true and which might be better attributed to a great deal of wishful thinking.

The plain truth is that there are no miracle cures that are going to make you healthy, slim and full of energy no matter how much you pay for the product. Even plastic surgery and liposuction have their limits. Nothing can trump a healthy diet, positive mental attitude and an active lifestyle.

Let's take a closer look at acai fruit and try to separate some of the facts from the huge amount of fiction.

Acai Berry Weight Loss:

Anti-Oxidants,Fruit,Healthy Diet,Calories

These small grape-like fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and helpful anti-oxidants. A case could be made for using these berries in your dietary regimen if you want to help protect your body against some forms of cancer and heart disease.

In fact there are even a number of individuals who have lost weight when they add Acai berries to their meal plans. What you need to remember is that just eating these berries or drinking an Acai fruit beverage is not enough to cause those excess pounds to disappear.

Fat is still fat, and calories are still calories no matter how you slice and dice these words.

Acai Berry Weight Loss:

You still need to reduce the number of calories you consume and increase your daily activity level if you want to rid your body of unwanted fat. Perhaps the Acai fruit can help your metabolism but you still have to do the work if you want to enjoy the rewards. This means that you need to follow a well-balanced meal plan and begin to exercise to help transform the shape of your body and improve your health.

There is some healthy fat in these tropical berries and there are also some beneficial phyto-nutrients but the highest levels of these compounds are present in the fresh fruit that is picked and eaten immediately. Acai is a fruit that does not have a long shelf life and its nutritional content begins to diminish almost as soon as the berries have been harvested.

Acai Berry Weight Loss:

Anti-Oxidants,Fruit,Healthy Diet,Calories

Yes, it is true that the natives who enjoy this fresh fruit have fewer incidences of high blood pressure, obesity and cardiac problems but the berries are not the only factor involved. These people are not snacking on cakes, cookies and ice cream.

They follow a limited diet that includes whole grains, fresh fruits and fresh veggies and their lifestyle is active and grueling. You also need to consider that genetics play a large role in the picture.

The acai berry can provide users with fiber, vitamins and cellular protection from the damages of ‘free radicals' but it is not a miracle cure for drastic Weight Loss. If you are not prepared to be pro-active and adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle then there are few benefits that these tropical berries will be able to add to your life.


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