A Mechanical Kill not a Chemical Kill*

by Biotech Dynamics

The product is called Monofoil, and so far, Monofoil has redefined clean in major universities athletic departments such as Ball State, Indiana University, Purdue, and Butler.

These universities fog their locker rooms and work out facilities once per month, wipe and clean pads and other equipment in between monthly fogging, and utilize Monofoil as a laundry additive to launder jerseys/uniforms.

The reason behind this use of Monofoil is simple, with one application, Monofoil provides protection against a vast array of germs, such as flu, colds, hepatitis, HIV, including super bug MRSA, for 30 days. (Even in the laundry application).

Monofoil offers un-matched protection for your athletes and staff, because the cleaning products you are using now, rid the surface of the germs, but they can re-grow in less than 30 seconds. Monofoil lays an invisible “bed of nails” of non leeching protection against microbes that lasts 30 days. Monofoil also completely removes organic odors, and eliminates and protects from mold, mildew and other fungus such as athletes foot.

In addition, Monofoil is an unconditionally certified green product by the FDA, it is safe to touch, and safe for use on food surfaces, and is even being tested for wound care applications.

What applications can you think of for Monofoil at your company, clinic, or facility? Go to www.biodynamx.com

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